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CherryTrabbit's Commission Info - OPEN

New year new sheet of info, let's go!

Please read my short Terms of Service for your rights, my rights and what I will and will not draw. 

Art Category: Headshot/Fullbody/Pixel etc
Subcategory: Clean/ Sketchy Lines/ Sketch Only/etc 
No. of images ordering
Character(s) Reference:
Preferred Expression/Pose
Brief Personality Summary
Additional Style Comments
Other Info:
Payment Method: Points or Paypal (Supply email)

Wyngro Concepts, D&D Character Designs, Stylising or Form Changing your Character and Reference Sheets 

Character Home Designs 

2D Animations

3D Models and Animation

Image details
Image size
2048x10000px 13.9 MB
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Heya! It's been almost a year since anyone commented on this page. Are you still available for commissions?

CherryTrabbit's avatar

Yep, they're pretty much open indefinitely for now

It's just no one ordering is all aha

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oh my god i need emotes
CherryTrabbit's avatar

Aha well I'm pretty much always open for orders

Koma-inu's avatar
may i get two then? ;o; 

it would be of these two!
[Auction|closed] Trouble Brothers by Lusomnia  
Papyrus- the bigger one, is mine and for his expression i'd like something like this  95c2ce57b39c83457706e6bbf4c3a9d1 by Koma-inu  so teeth showing/mouth open/smile 
And for Santos, a big ole smile!!  93225263 2866326136814781 2412534410951675113 N by Koma-inu  a nice teeth showing smile! <3
CherryTrabbit's avatar


Will that be points or paypal?

And feel free to send the reference/s and expressions you'd like

Koma-inu's avatar
i edited my comment! and paypal!
CherryTrabbit's avatar

Those look very doable so you got it! Can I get an email to invoice? You can note it if you prefer

Koma-inu's avatar
yay!!!!! <3

the sans one will be a gifty to his owner Gingler
CherryTrabbit's avatar

You got it!

Invoice is sent~

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would it be better to comment the form or to note?
CherryTrabbit's avatar
Whatever works for you, if you're asking for my personal preference I find it easier to keep track of comments 
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Do you still do wyngro adult concepts?
CherryTrabbit's avatar
I sure do! I've just mashed them with another journal to minimise clutter
Designs, Concepts, Reference and Style Commissions
star--burnt's avatar
Hey! I have a quick question!  Can you do animated group icons? or group icons in general?
CherryTrabbit's avatar
I can do actually, although the two examples I have are from years back before I did my animation degree aha
Still I am happy to do them, base price at about $35 USD, increasing with complexity of animation 
Pixel or clean-lined is up to you 
star--burnt's avatar
Sorry for the late reply! I'd be interested in a clean-lined animation for the group! I'll head over to the animation journal then!
CherryTrabbit's avatar
No worries I'm pretty much always open for taking coms
Sounds good to me!
L0st-emotions's avatar
hi there! wanted to ask how much is it for Reaction Emotes that are not wyngro?^^ 
CherryTrabbit's avatar
Hey hey, hmm since they're not showing off a lot of anatomy just the face I'd likely take them at the same price! 
L0st-emotions's avatar
alright thank u! ^^ 
W4LM4RT's avatar
If my knowledge is right, does $20= 2,000 points wise?
CherryTrabbit's avatar
That is correct yes! 
W4LM4RT's avatar
Ooo okay.
Can I get a full body of this character? Cricket ref sheet In her frog costume?

And i'll be paying with points, btw :3
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