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Request for :iconmissanimelover247: Hope you like it! From the new video game "The Last of Us" (Ellie, Joel on a horse because horses are cool)

I was meaning to do some art of this game anyway, and before I go any further, I have NOT played the game and probably won't be able to since I am without a PS3. But the game looks pretty cool, and I've only heard good things about it so maybe I'll check out the game play.
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It's been a long time,,
Have you played it yet? ;0
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What was the name of the horse? Anyway cool drawing.
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It's Callus!!😊
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lol! thanks, and i'm not sure on the name of the horse i'd have to check
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Love the game, love your picture too. You got the dynamic between the two characters spot on. Nice work.
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I still need to play that play that game, it looked amazing
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Loved this game. I watched a playthrough, and i'm getting a console so i can experience it myself:)
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I need to do that too! i haven't watched any gameplay yet so i don't spoil anything for myself! X3 i wish to play it one day... hopefully
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the colors are so warm!^3^
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thanks! I haven't played the game yet but the relationship between these two is cute 83
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me too, i only watch it on youtube :9
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Just in this simple picture it shows their relationship so well. Very good job ^.^ 
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Thank you so much I'm glad i could!!!
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Great job with this! As far as I'm concerned, you captured the two characters perfectly :) One question though: is the horse Callus?
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HAHAHA! thanks, considering I haven't ever played it I'm glad to hear that I did. And I'm not sure who callus is, only thing I know is he's a horse~
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haha, ok then. Well, for future reference (SPOILER ALERT), Callus is the horse that Joel and Ellie borrow from Tommy.
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this is adorable
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Love your art, you should consider submitting this into Naughty Dog's The Last of Us contest at WeLoveFine -…
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Ooo! I will definitely have to consider it! Thanks 8D
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