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Im excited... Im happy! I've got a new scanner! YAY.

Now If I just had more time to draw......
Well, I have a lot to update here about my uncle. Good news came shortly after I went to work (after making that last post) Uncle Duane had woken up and he was even talking! Kathy ended up okaying me for the days off I needed despite being short handed as it was. So Tuesday morning I got up, got the weather, finished packing and got going. By 2pm I finally made it down to Eugene and got to Sacred Heart Hospital where my uncle was still in ICU.After exchanging hugs with my family, Aunt Pat and visiting a little and seeing how everyone was I finally got to go in and see him. First time my aunt Pat just took me in and we watched him sleep. Despite the situation (him, the heart attack, etc) she couldn't help smiling... it was better the way it was then than before and it was just a relief to her. Later on my mom went in to say Goodbye to him (she had to come back home) and I went too. She talked with him awhile and I just said hello. After a few minutes of silence he's like "If you're gonna be in here you better fucking talk to me!" was a bit slower...a bit slurred and laboured but it was still my uncle. it made me smile. I told him how I was thinking of making his racing into DVDs for him and he said "cool". soon though he drifted back into lalaland and made no sense. We said goodbye and headed on out. Hugged family again...and I went down to Rocky's (my other uncle) and had some visiting time with was light hearted despite the circumstances for my visit. I took the girls out to Wal*Mart and had a good time laughing over things. I braided Kalyns hair and went to bed. In the morning I got up, did Rachael's hair... helped her dress... and took the girls to school.

Later I headed on up to Eugene with Aunt Margo. Her car had some trouble so we had to pull over for a bit. But..after all the Drama I finally made it up to Sacred Heart again. I went in with Aunt Margo and Uncle Rocky to visit Duane again and he recognized Margo's voice right off and "gave her some shit" and she "gave him some shit" (teasing, you know) and Rocky was like "Well she came all the way up here to give you some shit Duane" and he laughed and said "thats why I love her" . I said "Hey uncle Duane I came all the way down here to Ride your motercycle!" and he was like "ahh fuck no!" it was great because thats how he is.... He speaks Logger. XD Well they moved him out of ICU down to Cardiac and that was a relief. Uncle Rocky took aunt Pat out to Lunch-her first actual MEAL in five days. I visited with Reb and Tesslyn (my cousins)...

So news has been mixed ...some good some not. With  a miricle he awoke the very day they were gonna declare him brain dead. He can talk, he recognizes voices...he's pretty stable and has been drinking water like no tomarrow...hes even ate some...he has some motor function but no control of it yet.

Bad news though is that hes fried...scrambled... hes still confused and cant seem to remember five minutes from when something happened (no short term memory) and hes blind...they said he had like a stroke and at first they thought it was from the clot in the heart disloging but after the neurologist saw him friday they said it was probably from the brain swelling. They don't think he's gonna progress much from how he is now and he's probably gonna need to be in an adult care home for the rest of his life.

I still have hope though.

Thanks everyone for your thoughts and Prayers. It means a lot to me and my family.

Artwise I'm picking up the pencil again. I got a new sketch book and Ive got a few things in it... but nothing for christmas! Sorry everyone!!!

Everyone have a Merry Christmas
Wonderful Artists I visit often
:iconkafeii: :iconrenezuo: :iconseii-monogatari: :iconissymis: :iconsilverleofirius:

:iconkoryuu-no-shinigami: :icondahcwardub: :iconrenezuo: :iconkimashi-mutsuyama:
Don't expect any art... any journals... or much of anything for quite awhile after this post.

Saturday my uncle had a major heart attack and so I will be taking a hiatus.

Have a great holiday everyone. ...and Cherish the ones you love.

Wonderful Artists I visit often
:iconkafeii: :iconrenezuo: :iconseii-monogatari: :iconissymis: :iconsilverleofirius:

:iconkoryuu-no-shinigami: :icondahcwardub: :iconrenezuo: :iconkimashi-mutsuyama:
After getting things cleared up... ban gone..and talking to Bill I finally felt "safe" to return to my normal way of things- I had a lot happen to me that just spiraled out of control and dragged me with it. I'm not nuts...really I' I'm nuts but that is a COMPLETELY different subject.

However I do have a few notes to mention here...

Jayson, I love you dearly but really... mind your own business. You went ahead and made things worse for me when the situation began by posting as me and so know the extent of your involvment. But REALLY Im glad you did fix the one issue and snap me out of it quick enough to realise what really happened and what I can do to fix it.

For the people involved with changing my DA account around (no- not the people who went ahead and reported me. I don't mind that) I will be contacting the proper people. I know who you are and you are not lilly-white. This will be fixed.

To Saimain- Ive never called my stuff "beautiful peices of artwork" however  if you could point me in the direction that I HAD said it.... I will be willing to make a statement towards that...whether I said it and ment it, said it sarcastically, didn't say it etc. Also- I know about hard work. I know art can take a long time or a short time depending on skill level as well as how much effort we want to put into it and the truth is I chose not to upload any of my sketches and works that just didn't work out. They're embarrassing and I know I'd be ripped apart for them- its happened before. I post works that pass my level of inspection that I feel need LESS improvement than the I feel NEED improvement are shown to other artists I trust and my friends... sometimes I fix 'em up and get them shown here sometimes I don't.

It is also important to note that a lot of the work here though it was not uploaded at the same time were old works done before I moved to dA. I had a website but really lost interest in maintaining it and the HTML when all I was doing is saying I had a broken scanner. And then of course... there was the issue of my friend- Who hosted my site- deciding to no longer have a server because comcast was charging him a lot, and he's just an 18 year- he works in retail part time and goes to college now too all of which are more important than paying out to keep a server that you barely use and that the other person barely touches as well.

I leave everyone to thier opinions- whether I am an art thief or not. As for me, I am going to move on from this. I'm not going to repost the previous work here (I wish not to start a big dA war over this) however- I have been considering getting my own domain for awhile and I've got a little push-shove from Tim-kun who has HIS own site and I want mine to be better XD Also Im sick of free hosts with thier adds and sdtuff like that. ANYWAY I will post works as I do them here now- that way there is no way to accuse... I will have the correct date to the images which will be the date of the day the first time ANYONE on the net sees them (except for maybe Renezuo- since I trust him and these may involve an odd SL...kinda way)

Things are returning to normal... and I love it. Expect some new stuff on the way- sketches of charactors for the game site and the like.
Wonderful Artists I visit often
:iconkafeii: :iconrenezuo: :iconseii-monogatari: :iconissymis: :iconsilverleofirius:

:iconkoryuu-no-shinigami: :icondahcwardub: :iconrenezuo: :iconkimashi-mutsuyama:
Out of boredom, I am going to be posting MANY pictures I've done recently.

..The only thing is Ive totally lost my feel for colouring. I DONT feel like colouring anything, and that doing some BW or greyscale effects is enough energy spent on it and I just slap it up here or show it off as is. But even with that, I feel they are grossly unfinished. So much to the point that I dont even want to think about them (Hense why they havent been posted.)

So just a little note. Anyone looking to enhance thier photoshop or colouring skills or anything, feel free to "steal" (I.E. Tell me, but download and save) any of my images to practice on.

All I ask is you show me what I've done.

And for everyone whos commented (Im bad at replying, I know) Thank you for your support in my art! Your comments always make me smile and help motivate me to press on and try new styles.


Last night was a good night for me. Ive always pretty much idolized :iconrenezuo: since I met him about five or six years ago. Infact, he was one of the people who made me want to do better and draw more anime than my pixil stuff and icon and graphics, and all this was just because he showed me his art. Hes ALWAYS been a great artist. Well... Last night he went ahead and just out and asked to see my new drawings. It made me smile...made me feel good and like my hard work wasnt fruitless.

Anyway, thts enough sappy crap for now. Onto the art!
Finally.... FINALLY I have no more artist block. Its really nice actually. I turned out five pictures since 5AM this morning! One thing that does get to me though is that I still have not done that drawing of the whole entire story line. Ahh...Maybe I'll get to it sometime. For now I shouldn't whine too much...this may not last for long.

As for other things in my life... Everything is going great. School is running smoothly (so far) and I absolutely LOVE my aerobics class (step and pilates). The teacher is like... WOAH hyperactive and it really helps.

SPEAKING of hyperactive... Maggie is having acrisis so I have to cut this short.
So work has been keeping me pretty darned occupied. Well, that, and my boy... my best friend... and hanging out and driving to gateway mall to shop (salem malls suck ass!) I'm real excited though, because I am now... FULL TIME at work. Which means I can take MORE classes. Which means I am CLOSER to teaching! XD

Anyhow, one new deviation added to scraps.
In an effort to make sure this account doesn't go dormant I am attempting to find things to post. Old stories... old poems...old drawings... etc. I'm also seriously considering posting some of my lj/gj icons I've created.

My scanner is still broken, and it looks like the simplist idea is to buy a new scanner. So I'm waiting to be able to do that. in the mean time I am continuing to practice practice practice! I have some ideas for some art involving characters in my storyline, especially Kiki/Kiara... I think she's quickly becomming my favourite charrie! ^____^

Also, I'm thinking of creating an LJ/GJ (or maybe up here!) type "100 Themes" thing...

Don't know what 100 themes is? Check here for some examples.

Sound good?
So I discovered in doing some homework that my scanner is OFFICIALLY DEAD because of my parents abuse. You know the light in there that illuminates your page? Well my parents left the scanner on for YEARS and got mad if I turned it off ALL BECAUSE OF THIER LAZYNESS and now the lightis dead and theres no way to replace it and I cant scan ANY of my new work which is hot by the way. >.< So this account is officially on hiatus for a few months...DAMMIT

%@$#$#@^$#%$@#%#@!#$@^%$#@^#$@^#@^$#@^ parents grr.