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Get exclusive Paperdoll designs here!

Paperdoll outfits are available on Patreon and DeviantArt subscription, where you get 2 exclusive designs every month for only $5!

You'll receive the base used for the designs as well, which you can use freely for your own art. What are paperdoll designs? Maybe you've played a dress up game, where you can drag and drop an outfit or different elements onto a premade character. My designs use a similiar system.

How does it work? Any exclusive design comes with a paperdoll version, that means, a PNG file with only the outfit. You now use the base that is included and draw your OC on it, then open the "paperdoll" file and copy paste it onto your finished OC, that way you can change their outfits! The more you collect, the bigger your OCs wardrobe and the more you can play around.

Here's an example of what this could look like:

How to use my Paperdoll designs: Step by step

On top of that, you can even mix the outfits! By doing that, you open the paperdoll design that use the same base as the one you've drawn your OC onto, cut out the parts you like and then copy/paste them onto your OC, this way you can make your own creations.

In addition, you'll also receive the .PSD file, which includes the layers I used, so you can alter the colors or remove elements you don't like.

Subscribe today and get a lot of exclusives and dive into the fun!


Welcome to my DeviantArt Page!

Who is Cherry?

I'm a self-taught, freelance artist. In 2017, I decided to do art as a full time job. Sometimes it can be tricky but my love for art and creating helps me through tough times.

What does she create?

My main focus lies on creating beautiful adoptables, from outfits to species to characters - I like to experiment and try out new things. Most adoptables I created were outfit adopts.

I made and sold over 1.800 so far!

I want to bring you unique and loveable designs, that I create with a lot of passion and dedication.

Check out the past paperdoll designs from my subscription and see how you can easily dress your OCs with them!

Exclusive Outfit Adopt - June Reward 2
Exclusive Outfit Adopt - June Reward 1
Subscriber reward May 2
Subscriber reward May 1
Patreon Reward - Extra
Patreon Reward April 2
Patreon Reward April 1

Check out my social media and other sites!

Including my blog!

Kein Titel (500 x 100 px) (3)

In my blog I share my thoughts and life as a freelance artist who struggles with ADHD, anxiety and healing from past trauma.

I share with you my struggles in business and private life, such as what helps me to continue and stay motivated.


The wardrobe


🌸My Designs officially in DOA5🌸

Designer's Challenge 2017 by TeamNinja
All winners: Designer's Challenge 2017
!My Outfit Design in Dead or Alive 5: Last Round !
My winner outfit  for Dead or Alive 5 - Full view
AWARD 2: Dead or Alive 5: Designers Challenge
My Outfit Design for Sarah and Leifang: DOA5:LR
Commishes are back party people! If you like order an amazing outfit design for your OC today, the let's gooo!! A custom design includes the commerical license and costs $175 How to order: 1. Send me details of your idea. Any ref images are amazing and helpful! Once we got it all planned out, I will start with the outlines and get back to you for feedback. After your approval I'll do the flat coloring and then get back to you again. After your approval of this step, I'll do the shading and details. This is the last step we can make changes, so I will get back to you again. If you approve of the design, I'll do the last touch ups and then send you the full resolution image + a commercial license in written form! Can't wait to work with you!
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Commissions are back! by CherrysDesigns, journal

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Please, excuse me while I gawk! 😍

Hey There! I know it has been a while since then but, what is the latest update on the Tekken Outfits?

Haven't done any ^^

Not really motivated, didn't have energy D;

Have you ever thought of doing a Wanda/Scarlet Witch inspired dress? I think that would come out really good. you don't have to do it if you don't want to. It's just a suggestion and an idea.

Oh no, I never thought about it, since I'm not really evolved in any fandoms ^^

I think you would do really good at it. So I think you should give it a shot.

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