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[Free Patreon] - Spanker Lucifer by CherryS-12, visual art


[Commission] - Romio spanking Juliet by CherryS-12, visual art

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| USA flagENG/Flag of Spain ESP | INTP/Virgo | Flag of ArgentinaArgentinian but living in Flag of ChileChile | Spanking art | Husbando lover |

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I'm a spanko who likes drawing, writing, and music. Probably what I enjoy the most is making colorful illustrations which tend to be more on the cute side, and of course, always related to spanking.

Is there anything more perfect than spanking? Ah, yeah, sexy 2D guys... who are spankers.

Topics I like to draw:

● Spanking

● Maledom

● Omorashi

● Wedgie

● Humilliation



● Inyecctions

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Huion H1060P / SAI2 + CSP

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Gracias como siempre por los favoritos.

Staring by Oscar Aparicio

Did I say anything to piss you off?

You sent me a similar note last year, but we've never talked... (unless you have another account?)

Is this some kind of weird spam?

We used to privately talk on Discord. You know wha, don’t worry about it. It’s not important anyway. Have a nice day

Hey they're a troll account that tells people to kill themselves. Block them.

Not a troll, just don’t give a fuck bitch

Just wanted to say, that your arts are amazing, best color work from spanking artists that I've ever seen!

I really surprised a lot when found out that you received warning from Patreon. Patreon is strict when it comes to age restriction, but you didn't draw any underaged characters. And your art is pure creative, yes, adult art, but art. If Patreon now even against bdsm artists who draw spanking art then I don't know... I'm really afraid for some artists like Cat Cube, Zekel and similar. And I'm also afraid for myself, lol.

There is also SubscribeStar, you can try it, looks like they are not against spanking art, but because of that paypal has banned SubscribeStar, but it allow withdraw money straight to your bank account via wire or ACH. Looks like they work with Payoneer. So if you want to give people a way to support you, you can try it.

Thanks for your art!

Be well!