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Mannequin MLP Base

By Cherrylis
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Hi, ppls! This is the MLP Mannequin base that i made. Totally different, but i hope you enjoy and use it properly!

- You don't have to show the finished result! 
- You don't have to credit me too! 
- Feel free to use it! 
- You can remove the watermark if you want 
- Don't ask for use
- I do not copy Firepony-Bases
- Use for free or points adopts. NO cash adopts.
- You don't HAVE to use the whole sheet, you don't even have to use them to adopts
- Have fun decorating and recoloring~

It's really fun to make these even if this take lots of hard works! 

I made this base by myself, I just take a picture of the mannequin on google and trace it and so i made this, there's lots of differences on my made and from the original series. 

Could you please give me the link of your clothes if you make it with this? I really want to see it! :) Thank you

MLP : FiM is copyright to Hasbro.
Thank you :D 
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© 2014 - 2021 Cherrylis
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Potato's Gala Dress by mlp-and-anime-rock  Used, it isn't very good, but I tried ^^
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Crimson's Gala Dress by RyuketsuKira   I used ^^ Hope you like it!
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Made one! You should really see this, I tried my best to make out of Midnight Sparkle and the base ^-^ : Midnight Sparkle Costume on Mannequin by Dezuzyy  
Tell me if you like it!
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I will use your base for a series of dress(i don't how many yet).
Here's the first:princesstamagochi.deviantart.c…
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is this ms paint friendly?
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i mentioned you

does it work?
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