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Commissioning me also means, that your soul belongs to me

BUT, HONESTLY, I'm here to make your IDEAS COME TRUE!

For the past few years I've done over 200 commissions, worked with many wonderful people on countless different ideas and provided THE BEST service I'm capable of!
I'm a professional artist that runs a one-person business. I'm both experienced and trustworthy and I always make sure that the whole commission process is satisfying and with no stress

Please read the description below and in case you have any questions, I'll be happy to answer!

:bulletblue: :bulletred: :bulletblue: TOS :bulletblue: :bulletred: :bulletblue:

:bulletred: If you'd like a commission please send a note with ‘COMMISSION’ in the title
:bulletred: Describe your idea as much as you can and after I agree we’ll fix up details together. References are more than welcome! :heart:
:bulletred: I'll prepare a free sketch that will show the idea for pose, composition, general feel and after it's accepted by you I'll ask for a payment.
:bulletred: You can pay with money ONLY (PayPal)
   :bulletgreen: I ask for a full payment upfront
   :bulletgreen: I will send you a PayPal invoice after the first sketch is accepted
   :bulletgreen: Invoice will be sent in Czech Crowns (CZK) currency, but don't worry, PayPal will do the job of converting the money from your currency to CZK :)
   :bulletgreen: No refunds after I started working on your commission
:bulletred: After I received the payment your slot is 100% booked and you’ll be informed when I’ll be working on your commission :)
:bulletred: I will send you a finished work via DA stash, or on e-mail (whichever you prefer) and submit a LOW resolution to my gallery.
:bulletred: While asking a commission you need to agree that I can publish it :)
:bulletred: Commissions that don't fit DA policy will be submitted on my account on HentaiFoundry and Pixiv
:bulletred: People who commissioned me at least once will get a 10% discount on all other commissions :heart:
:bulletred: I accept 3 slots per month.

:bulletblue: :bulletred: :bulletblue: PRICES :bulletblue: :bulletred: :bulletblue:

:star: 1 character/no background (0,5 slot) :star:
4000 CZK (around $180)

  • one character only (bust to fullbody depending on your idea)
  • OC with reference/fanart
  • female/male (cat ears/tails/small animal features are fine)
  • colored
  • NO background
  • sfw/nsfw
  • you'll get a picture: 4093 x 2894 px, 350dpi + WIP alongside

:star: 1 character (1 slot) :star:
7000 CZK (around $320)

  • one character only (bust to fullbody depending on your idea)
  • OC/fanart
  • female/male/humanoid (elf/demon/angel/hybrid/cat ears, tails/etc.)
  • colored
  • background included
  • sfw/nsfw
  • you'll get a picture: 4093 x 2894 px, 350dpi + WIPs alongside

:star: 2 characters/couple (2 slots) :star:
14 000 CZK (around $650)

  • two characters in a situation (bust to fullbodies depending on your idea)
  • OCs/fanart/OC x fanart
  • female/male/humanoid (elf/demon/angel/hybrid/cat ears, tails/etc.)
  • colored
  • complex background
  • sfw/nsfw/yuri/yaoi/hentai/etc.
  • you'll get a picture: 4093 x 2894 px, 350dpi + WIPs alongside


:bulletred: I WON'T DRAW :bulletred:

  • NSFW shota/loli
  • furries, complex hybrids I'm not capable of drawing
  • bestiality
  • vore
  • abuse/rape
  • if you're not sure - please ask :)
Other than that, I'll draw almost anything, though yuri and sexy ladies are my specialty
© 2014 - 2021 CherryInTheSun
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Knowledgeseeker01's avatar
Let's say someone wanted to pay you for a commission solely with the loyalty program.  How long would it take to earn that?
CherryInTheSun's avatar
I'm sorry for a super late reply! Sorry

Here are the Patreon Commissions rules :) (Smile)

a PATREON EXCLUSIVE LOYALTY PROGRAM in which you may save up for a personal commission of a chosen complexity
  • only for Patrons of 15$ tier - you get a 1 point for each time you pledge 15$
  • points sum up - there's no expiring
  • 10 - fullbody 1 character colored commission (little background)
  • 20 - fullbody 2 characters complex artwork commission (background + up to 2 characters)
  • 30 - very complex 3characters artwork commission (complex background + up to 3 characters)
Xavon-Wrentaile's avatar
WIll you do additional variants of a work at an upcharge?  And if so, approximately how much>?
CherryInTheSun's avatar
Sure, I can do it, but the exact price really depends on the picture and the level of changes :)

I mean my prices are based at 200 CZK per hour of my work. Making additional variant may take me a couple of minutes if the change is very small, it may take me some extra hours. I give you the price upfront after you would tell me your exact idea :)