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commission - Nami


commission for :icondarthdingus:

Nami in a fluffy huge boa!
I was asked to color one of my works
Riches Heures II - day 14 by CherryInTheSun

some updates - I'm working hard on my doujinshi, it'll be published and finished for sure!
I'd also like to know, if you are interested in some step by step pictures? :)


 Commissions - Open by SweetDuke

Wacom Intuos
lineart in Manga Studio 5 EX
color in Manga Studio 5 EX and PS CS5

Roronoa Zoro (c) Eiichiro Oda
Monkey D. Luffy (c) Eiichiro Oda

other ONE PIECE commissions

commission - Robin x Koala by CherryInTheSun    commission - Luffy x Zoro by CherryInTheSun    commission - Nami and Monet by CherryInTheSun  commission - Robin x Tashigi by CherryInTheSun

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You're welcome! Little Pixel Heart Little Pixel Heart Little Pixel Heart
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Doffy got robbed xD
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that's our Dorobou Neko for you! <3
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I was just revising this piece and can't compliment enough how pretty it is! I love the bright colors and all the detail in her boa. :heart: I should have worn that for New Years! 
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Nami with a swaaaaaaaaaaaag face :p
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do u take requests?
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no, commissions only
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you're welcome! uwu
CherryInTheSun's avatar
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You're very welcome:D
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This looks amazing, I love how you painted the dress and feather boa :heart:
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Gosh, that's pretty! 
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Thanks again for doing this for me. :D

I might have you do another commission for me in the near future involving this pic:…

We'll see. ;) :) :D
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oh wow! Nami and cheerleaders pom-pom? sounds awesome if you'd ever wish for me to draw it ^^
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