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Korra - Happiness

I still haven't finished the last season (only 4 episodes to go!), but it was a real pleasure to get to know Korra, her story and all characters that appeared in the series :) And I enjoyed the humor as much as how animals and kids were portrayed! Splendid job ^^
It was also great to see Korra strugle with her fears, but I'd always wish her and her friends all best
Do you have a favourite character? :)

This picture was July Patreon reward Patreon Icon

EDIT: 3 days and 1$ left to reach the goal! :)
Thanks to Patrons, I’ll be drawing Korra x Asami NSFW picture :)
if you’d decide to join the party, in two weeks you’ll receive high quality Korrasami artwork, step by steps and other really cool perks depending on the pledge you choose


I'm holding a time limited deal, in which if you let me hit the very first milestone goal by July 15th, it'll unlock:
Korrasami Summer- In July I will draw a Korrasami picture as a bonus monthly artwork (in addition to planned rewards). Patrons will decide in a poll whether it will be SFW or NSFW one :)
Korrasami will be a theme for August reward
3. T
OP SECRET PIN-UP PROJECT - I will draw 8 pinup fanarts of female characters voted by Patrons in a TOP SECRET style!

You may help by spreading the word on every social media or sharing the news among friends!
It's very close to reach that goal and it's only one week left! :)

I was able to draw it thanks to amazing help of people who believe in what I do and want me to continue creating!
For next month, I'm planning either a Doujinshi Special Month or 8-pages original comic :)

MORE INFO about what I'd love to share with you here
Cherry  Beta Smol 2 by CherryInTheSun 
I’m very grateful for all the support I’ve received so far and I will CONTINUE to upload FREE content!

 Commissions - Open by SweetDuke
Wacom Intuos + Manga Studio 5 EX

Korra and other characters from Legend of Korra universe (c) Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko

some of other artworks I drew thanks to my Patrons

[WSMFT] One Piece of Aladdin by CherryInTheSun Sakura x Hinata - Autumn in Konoha by CherryInTheSun [TEASER] Rei x Minako - Temptation by CherryInTheSun

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I would hug her if I could. The ending of Korra was horrible, though, considering it should have been Mako and Korra, not gonna lie. Asami should have been with Bolin, too.

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Aww Korra's adorable :>
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So cute 8///3

I want to hug her so tightly
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I would have much rather the show ended something like this, but still, amazing artwork. You're very talented. :thanks: 
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I haven't watched it yet, but I know a couple of things about this show. Hopefully, that means that an image with Korra and Asami is on the way! ;) (Wink) 
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yes, it is! we've managed to hit the goal and there will be Korra x Asami next month :) aaand a couple of more surprises ^^
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Sounds great! And I hope that these few surprises do involve some nice Fairy Tail yuri images!
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wow, this is like WOW.. it's so awesome, good job Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-02 (Kawaii) [V1] 
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thank you very much! :heart:
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Genialna praca :la:
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i'm not watched the Legend of Korra, but it's very cool!
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M8, go watch it. It's a good show.
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you avatar suits SO WELL what you've wrote :D
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Very Beautiful. Love Korra.
love your version of Korra, hun!
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awesome! happy Korra is the best :D
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