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Inktober2018 - Roasted


Inktober2018 with Yang and Blake from RWBY  Fool Emoji-12 (Yay) [V1]  Heart La Smol heart emoticon 

Day 3 - roasted aka I BURN Yang Xiao Long Triggered 

Aka: When you’re tired of other people ogling your girl… RWBY Gif - Blake 5 
My inspiration - a scene from Police Academy:… xD

0 2 7  #YURITOBER RWBY Gif - Blake 3 

Previous days Arrow Bullet (Red-Orange) - F2U!  INKTOBER2018 GALLERY

Other Beesart:

Bumblebee (RWBY) page 1/5 by CherryInTheSun 

Mature Content

Bumbleby by CherryInTheSun
  Bumblebee - Yin and Yang by CherryInTheSun
 Wacom Intuos + Clip Studio Paint EX

Yang and Blake (c) Monty Oum & Rooster Teeth

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This makes me smile every time I see it.

Thank you for all your art, and thanks for sharing.

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thank YOU for enjoying my drawings, I do my best to add something nice and joyful to this world so your comment made me very happy! :heart:

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Well, the cat did her marks. :)

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Huh..... Blake took the easier route and missed the chance to put suntan/block on yang and have the "I'm hers" be tanned in?...... probably would have lead to being asked to leave the beach XD

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Bender did that same thing to Amy in that one episode of Futurama.

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That's actually 100 percent true though 😆

Funny in the moment, but serious repercussions later...

Sexy and cute

cute ass

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But, fire cannot burn a dragon
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Now that is adorably cute. I wonder if she did it herself to her as a type of prank or showing others that booty is hers and no one elses? lol
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Best prank ever
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Sexy girls are always good
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this is perfection!!!!!
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HUGE ! really hilarious !!! i love! i love! I LOVE !!! ^^
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thank you sooooooooo much! :love:
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