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Inktober2018 - Exhausted


Inktober2018 with Yang and Blake from RWBY  Fool Emoji-12 (Yay) [V1]  Heart La Smol heart emoticon 

Day 7 - Exhausted

When your cat helps you with everyday plank session… Salem N'okay 1 

0 2 7  #YURITOBER RWBY Gif - Blake 3 

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Bumblebee (RWBY) page 1/5 by CherryInTheSun 

Mature Content

Bumbleby by CherryInTheSun
  Bumblebee - Yin and Yang by CherryInTheSun
 Wacom Intuos + Clip Studio Paint EX
Yang and Blake (c) Monty Oum & Rooster Teeth
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Plot twist, she actually isn't tired shes suppressing the urge to ravage Blake.

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Damn! How long has she been in the thinking position?(Staying on your toes & elbows.)
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I’m guessing Yang is pushing close to 300 push ups
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That's one way to get her all sweaty!
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well, she never tried planks!!
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The first time is always the hardest.
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Good friend helping her train
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Funny - Oh and BTW Yang and Blake are my RWBY co-Waifus.
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Turned on more like :D
you can do it Yang!!
funny picture!
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That determination tho XD
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Ah planks are a pain
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I don't think that's what Yang had in mind when Blake said she wanted to be on top for a while.
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nice work. but i ship Yang and neo. they need to be together
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I don't think she can keep holding your weight Blake. Not saying you're overweight, mind you, just saying I think Yang's had enough.
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