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Soo....this is my new ya'll likey?!? I had to give up my old one bc the links to 40% of the crap I had on there were no longer available....buh. sux. OH well!! This one is still pretty all the same! Not much going on today. Excited it's Friday. I'm throwing a small surprise party at my house for a friends' b-day. Hope he likes it!! Oh, I also drew out a new tattoo design that might be my next one! It needs some cleaning up, but I like how it turned out. I always said that whatever tattoos I got, they would be my art, or, if I couldn't manage a design no matter WHAT I did, it would still be an original. Sooo....Super Bowl is this Sunday!! I'm gonna eat junk food and watch commercials all day! I also can't wait for Tom Petty to perform at half-time. At least there isn't a good chance of nippliage showing!! LOL!!! *good times* Ok, guess that's it. Have a good weekend chumps!! :love:

Random Survey *constantly changes*

- Put your mp3 / iPod / music player of some various variety on shuffle.
- Take the first line from the first ten songs listed / given.
- Mesh them together and make something new.

*Results (sounds like people talking, kinda)
#3-Hey you, big star, tell me when it's over!
#2-Here comes the Wreckshop bomb, that Big H.A.W.K. didn't refuse
#1-Are we going to die? I think so.
#2-I don't know dude...Big wheels keep on turning
#3-We all came out to Montreux, This town don't feel mine
#2- I've watched you change
#1- Uhh uh-uh uhh
#2- I say fish don't fry in the kitchen

Have fun reading it? Are you confused? Good!! :thumbsup:

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Looks neat! I like!
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Love the new background, it's so nice
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thank you!! i've been liking your new art. keep it up!!
baiwuzhi's avatar
You're welcome and thanks too for the compliment ;)