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Published: June 16, 2018
2:02 pm

    I was twelve when the rains started.

    Hours turned to days. Days turned to Weeks. Then months. Then years. Sometimes, it would only sprinkle, a misty spray of the ocean in the middle of no where. Other times, it poured. God's wrath flooding the streets with the black, churning waters of hell. The clouds never parted. The rain never stopped.

    Humanity never stood a chance.

(Word Count: 65)

 2:40 pm

    "I know it sounds crazy, but you have to believe me." The stranger before me pleaded. 

    I took a step back, "Believe you? I don't even know you!" Every fiber of my being told me to run, but I held firm. "What you're telling me is...it's not even--"

    "Possible?" She laughed, "That's what I thought, too. And yet, here I am," Her eyes turned serious, "I would never lie to you, Dee, you know that. I am your sister."

    I looked to my sister, my real sister, playing in the sandbox just out of earshot. I watched her grope at the grains as she tried desperately to add on to the pile she claimed as a castle. She was only six years old. The woman before me had to be well into her twenties, older than me. She suggested time travel. I suggested insanity.

    The woman sighed and removed the scarf from her neck. My blood went cold. There, just under her chin was the dark spot of a birthmark identical to my little sister's. "That's impossible...You're..." The more I looked at her, the more I saw my sister in those eyes. She was telling the truth.

    The woman replaced the scarf and took me by the shoulders, the only thing keeping me from fleeing. "Listen to me, Dee, this is important." Her grip tightened as if to emphasize her point. "Whatever happens, you must--!"

    White light flooded my vision and she was gone. Everything was gone.

(WC: 249)

9:11 pm


    It's not that I didn't understand it. The sign was very clear, I understood the message just fine. But when you're face-to-face with a giant red button, there's only one thing to do.

    I pressed the button.

    The world trembled around me. Not just the ground, but the air seemed to vibrate with an invisible force. Books shivered off tables, priceless vases shattered to the floor. Something in my head buzzed.

    Then it stopped and the world resumed as if nothing had happened. Except for me.

    I should have never pressed that button.

(WC: 96)

11:31 pm

    I had everything perfectly planned. My laptop was charged. I had goldfish crackers and granola bars at the ready. Iced coffee and energy drinks lined my refrigerator just in case I so much as yawned. All I needed to do, was type.

    What I didn't plan for, was the cat.

    I didn't think I needed to worry about her, I mean, she usually just minds her own business. Not today. Today, Jasper had an agenda. 

    Seven hours into my paper and I find myself putting the last few sentences into my conclusion. I was so close to finishing, I could practically feel myself wrapping up into my bedsheets after so many hours hunched over a computer screen. Suddenly, the appearance of brown tabby fur blocked my vision. Jasper's back paw had landed directly on the power button, suffocating it under adorable little toes. I noticed too late.

    The screen went dark behind the purring mass. Seven hours of work, gone. 

    And I never pressed the save button.

(WC: 167)

© 2018 - 2020 CherryBerry545
I know I'm really really late starting this, but here we go! Let's see just how far I can get this year

Edit: Looks like only four. That's alright, got roped into doing a lot of work today, which didn't help. I'm good with what I got, though!
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WindySilverHobbyist Writer
That second one is quite a story! I feel so bad for the protagonist in the third, though! The feeling of so much work going to bits... Eek! :fear:
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GDeyke Writer
Ooh, I like that first one. Very intriguing.