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Full Body + Chibis | Backgrounds
Will do a...

full-body + full background (color) = $20

full-body + full background (grayscale) = $15

full-body + full background (line-art) = $10.05

chibi + full background (color) = $10

chibi + full background (line art) = $5.05

chibi (color, no background) = $5.05

chibi (line art, no back ground) = $5

sketch = $2.05

-Manga-art/print style

Newest Deviations

AC III: The Kahnawake Song (reboot) Chapter 2
"Be slow to fall into friendship; but when thou art in, continue firm and constant."
What was once a peaceful village that rested upon sacred ground, a place of trade, a place of a free people-all of it was in flames now. Its people ventured back and forth to save one another the best they could; to shield their children from the fires that soon swallowed their livelihood and harvest. Some of the others went out into the forest to keep away from possible smoke inhalation as soon as the injured, the sick, and the elderly were in the clear. The others... Ziio kept a stoic stature as she hurried for every able person she could save. Upon saving her mother, she kept her away from the inferno the best she could.
"(Mother)," she coughed, "(Have you seen Ratonhnhaké:ton)?"
"(He was still out in the forest-)"
He could still be alive since those that had preyed on their village were more concerned about the braves destroying them. She r
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Assassin's Creed III: The Kahnawake Song (reboot)
"()." is for when characters are speaking Mohawk.
"Savages may indeed be a formidable enemy to your raw American militia; but upon the king's regular and disciplined troops, Sir, it is impossible they should make an impression."
- British General Edward Braddock to Benjamin Franklin, 1755
Clouds of steady breaths filled the air as her firm hands were helpless to resist the urge to feel her stomach. Covered in brown furs and intricate embellishments of a proud people, brown eyes stared across the endless white that blanketed the land and a grey that masked the blue of the sky. The silence of her once jovial companion bear no boon to her as well for the very news she disclosed brought about a heavier weight upon them both. Her eyes continued to gaze and wander about the cold laid at her feet as her face tried for a show of less fear before her comrade.
"You..." a hooded man tried for words as the onslaught of emotions raptures them,"You aligned yourself with a T
:iconcherry12:cherry12 5 0
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:gallery: Welcome to my gallery! :gallery:


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cherry12's Profile Picture
Zipporah Michel
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
I'm currently a student in Miami Dade College-Wolfson Campus for academics and I am also continuing in art education to receive a Bachelors in Art. My goals were to always work in an animation studio. Completing my Character Animation courses and creating an illustrated book series are my current goals. After reading on humanities and philosophy, I had more interest in characters than anything else. Until my I attain my Bachelors, I shall be freelancing and continuing my education in Animation.



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

The New Years have finally arrived, but artists don't vacation, really. Unfortunately, that's what my mind ended up doing almost all of 2016, so in terms of artistry, 2016 was the worst aside from current events of politics. 

My New Years resolution is to work twice as much this year and push out more work because thinking about what might happen to this country for the next four years is a legit concern, but I shouldn't let it hinder creativity. Reading some novels last month actually helped, especially since I'm a bit of a history buff, curious to see what our ancestors on earth did in found and lost civilizations. One of them was the "Book of Enoch" (something I acquired as a Christmas present), which is very riveting if you're interested in the history of religion. Personally, whether I stand to fully comprehend what I read in this omnibus of books that were omitted from the final print of the bible for centuries, I am even more curious of the variable that made modern day Christians and other similar religions to say that this book and its contents are fake.

In any case, it'll also help me complete the graphic novel/web-comic series I've been wanting to finish for some time, which I know will cost money--which is another resolution I know I can do thanks to the support I have for the story concept. Of course the typical resolution would be to also lose weight, but it's something I'll have to take seriously this year. My family has a history of heart disease and diabetes, so I can't afford to ignore my health by stressing myself out, skipping out on food or eating too much junk, etc.

2016 wasn't the worst year ever, but like any other year, certain events and situations could have been better. As someone who resides and was born and raised in the first world, I know last year to be a bogus year in terms of who are next president will be for the next four years, what legendary celebrities died, protesting getting as bold as ever, and racism, sexism, and xenophobia starting to divide us; and will inevitably bleed into this new year.

It does look dire, but this isn't the first civilization to do or experience this. I cannot sit here and be depressed over our situation forever--nothing will get done by recognizing the issues AND staying down about it. According to Toni Morrison, this is the perfect time--in fact, the best time--to do some art and share it with the world as she wrote novels during racial segregation, Tolkien wrote during WWII, so I think I can stand to fill my portfolio and profile if the worst is promised to come. 

Community; what deviantART is all about!HeartCommunity; what deviantART is all about!HeartCommunity; what deviantART is all about!HeartCommunity; what deviantART is all about!HeartCommunity; what deviantART is all about!HeartCommunity; what deviantART is all about!HeartCommunity; what deviantART is all about!HeartCommunity; what deviantART is all about!HeartCommunity; what deviantART is all about!HeartCommunity; what deviantART is all about!HeartCommunity; what deviantART is all about!



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