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[Wyngro] Mini Coin (Frozen Sparkle) by Cherry-Spot [Wyngro] Mini Coin (Frozen Sparkle) :iconcherry-spot:Cherry-Spot 2 0 [Wyngro] Mini Coin by Cherry-Spot [Wyngro] Mini Coin :iconcherry-spot:Cherry-Spot 3 2 [Wyngro] Strawberry Muffin by Cherry-Spot [Wyngro] Strawberry Muffin :iconcherry-spot:Cherry-Spot 1 0 [Wyngro] Vanilla Muffin by Cherry-Spot [Wyngro] Vanilla Muffin :iconcherry-spot:Cherry-Spot 5 0 [Wyngro] Chocolate Muffin by Cherry-Spot [Wyngro] Chocolate Muffin :iconcherry-spot:Cherry-Spot 4 0 [Wyngro] Trying to brush curls by Cherry-Spot [Wyngro] Trying to brush curls :iconcherry-spot:Cherry-Spot 11 3 [Wyngro] Helping Clean the Nook by Cherry-Spot [Wyngro] Helping Clean the Nook :iconcherry-spot:Cherry-Spot 12 1 [Wyngro] Bleckuberry Muffin by Cherry-Spot [Wyngro] Bleckuberry Muffin :iconcherry-spot:Cherry-Spot 3 0 [Wyngro] Plain Muffin by Cherry-Spot [Wyngro] Plain Muffin :iconcherry-spot:Cherry-Spot 2 0 [Strudel-Cafe] ARPG Memory: Up on Green Acres Pt1 by Cherry-Spot [Strudel-Cafe] ARPG Memory: Up on Green Acres Pt1 :iconcherry-spot:Cherry-Spot 8 2 [Strudel-Cafe] Lasagna Kiddo by Cherry-Spot [Strudel-Cafe] Lasagna Kiddo :iconcherry-spot:Cherry-Spot 7 3 [Gachamon] Secret Santa by Cherry-Spot [Gachamon] Secret Santa :iconcherry-spot:Cherry-Spot 10 4 Some Assistance by Cherry-Spot Some Assistance :iconcherry-spot:Cherry-Spot 16 0 [Wyngro] Atlas by Cherry-Spot [Wyngro] Atlas :iconcherry-spot:Cherry-Spot 14 0 [Wyngro] Problems With Being Blind by Cherry-Spot [Wyngro] Problems With Being Blind :iconcherry-spot:Cherry-Spot 9 0 [Wyngro] Benjamin by Cherry-Spot [Wyngro] Benjamin :iconcherry-spot:Cherry-Spot 18 5




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Plantfriends by LiticaHarmony

// Nikki / Female / She/Her/They/Them //

Plantfriend - Succulent Echeveria Agavoides Icon by LiticaHarmony''Remember, licking doorknobs is illegal on other planets.'' Plantfriend - Succulent Echeveria Agavoides Icon by LiticaHarmony

Howdy! I'm a simple little artist, a girl who loves to experiment, which is why my style changes once in a while, and sometimes how I completely draw! I enjoy video games like The Sims, and writing stories. I'm a sucker for ARPGs, which is why it's the most common thing in my gallery. I'm pretty shy when it comes to talking to strangers, but don't feel afraid to start up a conversation! I might ramble about my interests if you let me.

Fall Plantfriends by LiticaHarmony

Code by ACNLQR
M8 buy my food I'm broke af from the plague by Cherry-Spot
While strolling through town, a particularly sweet scent catches your attention. Following the source of the smell, you find a small wooden stand run by a very pleasant-looking biped.

Estatic talk by Cherry-Spot Hello there! Welcome to my new Heartkindle bake sale! I wanted to help spread the love by making some yummy treats! 

Lil Moody by Cherry-Spot There is only one of me right now and.... well... my goodness so many of you..... so lets talk about what you guys get out of this! Instead of just losing your money....

Reg talk by Cherry-Spot I will deliver your treats to your special someone every Sunday until it hits March 3rd. I bake everything on Saturday and will take all orders at my booth from Monday-Friday. 

Estatic talk by Cherry-Spot Please feel free to send me a private note if you want to keep your affections secret, or to just come by my booth and order from me directly! Whatever your preferred method, it is welcome! You can even get these treats delivered to yourself if you want to be the one to hand them to your special gro. 

Bitch by Cherry-Spot (Or eat them yourself, I won’t judge.) 

Estatic talk by Cherry-Spot Just tell me at the booth what you want and I will make sure to get them to you ASAP!

Reg talk by Cherry-Spot What I will need in order to send them to your friends, family or loved ones is their names and addresses! Along with your name or a short message if you want to be anonymous. I won’t tell who it’s from unless you want me to, I know what secret admiration is like. Just follow the guide below!

Your username:
Your Wyngro's name:
Receiver's username:
Receiver's Wyngro's name:
Short message:

Reg talk by Cherry-Spot Please keep your requests to once per week. I can only bake so much on the day I have. You can only have a max of 6 of one item, and 3 of any unique items. So at most you can have 18 yummy treats in one delivery! That is so much! 

Lil Moody by Cherry-Spot My tummy hurts just thinking of trying to eat more that many sweets.....

Estatic talk by Cherry-Spot Well, enough of me talking your ears off. Here is the list along with their prices!! Have a lovely HeartKindle.

You look down at the neatly written blackboard menu.

Reg talk by Cherry-Spot The two treats on top are regular treats, just as they are. (By the way, the price is per piece, not per batch!) For regular treats:
  • A Brownie is 2 [Wyngro] Mini Coin (Frozen Sparkle)
  • A Scone is 3 [Wyngro] Mini Coin (Frozen Sparkle)

Estatic talk by Cherry-Spot The four treats on the bottom are real fun! They’re “customizable”! That doesn’t mean they can be customized per say, I just din’t have a better word for it. It just means it has variations! For customizable treats:

  • A Muffin is 5 [Wyngro] Mini Coin (Frozen Sparkle) and can come as plain, bleckuberry, chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry
  • A Cookie is 5 [Wyngro] Mini Coin (Frozen Sparkle) and can come as plain, chocolate chip, bleckuberry, chocolate, sugar, or frosted
  • A Donut is 7 [Wyngro] Mini Coin (Frozen Sparkle) and can come as plain, bleckuberry, chocolate, or strawberry
  • A Macaron is 6 [Wyngro] Mini Coin (Frozen Sparkle) and can come as red, orange, yellow, green, blue, or purple
Reg talk by Cherry-Spot Hope all of this makes sense! If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask!

(Journal set up with help from @/GlowVampire21)



Why are companies making their brands more vibrant 😫 First Tumblr, now Wattpad??
I was wanting to do Inktober this year, but
Also Goretober
Would you all mind if I did that as well? (With proper censors of course)
Don’t know if anyone will be hardcore offended if I all of the sudden started doing a lot of gore art (just for the month, tho)
Do ya’ll ever like
hear a voice and you just
not quite get turned on by it per say
you just hear it and you’re like
“holy crap that is a damn good voice”
anyone else?
Greeaaatt news, I’m apparently a very paranoid mama and after some more research, turns out she just has a cold which is very easily treatable


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