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Birthday Bunny
January 14th Rukia’s Birthday
“Renji’s been acting weird lately. I wonder what he has been up to” Rukia thought to
She had noticed that he looked secretive as well reading up on rabbits for some strange
reason.  If anybody would know it would be her Nii-sama but he wouldn’t say
anything. Which was really confusing her than a big fluffy rabbit passed by which left her confused.
“Get back here you big overgrown puffball” the voice yelled who later turned out to be
Instead the rabbit leaped into her arms and nuzzled into her chest.  She gazed at longingly and a big smiled formed on her lips. “Happy Birthday, Rukia!”
“So this why you were acting so secretive you wanted to surpise me with little fellow” She gleamed at Renji.
“Yeah, but it turn out the way I planned it but I’m still glad you like him” he sighed.
Giving Renji a peck on the lips she whispered “Thanks, this is a t
:iconcherry-lane:Cherry-Lane 1 0
Halloween Carnival Fight
It was Halloween Night for an orange haired couple
The couple consisted of teens named Orihime & Ichigo
And a girl named Tatsuki who tagged along
To a carnival that was being hosted for this time a year
Ichigo had worn no costume but I digress
Because chaos came to a carnival
In the form of a hollow that attacked Orihime and the girl named Tatsuki
Tastuki had tried her best to shield Orihime from the enormous Demon known as a hollow
However she could have died
If not for Ichigo who saved her hide
Ichigo and the hollow fought along the stalls and stands
Until Orihime who came around to stall the hollow
Which Ichigo destroyed with the killing blow
After that fight Orihime kissed her love
Where Ichigo said come along and let’s take you and Tatsuki home
For sure enough everyone had enough of this Halloween night
:iconcherry-lane:Cherry-Lane 2 0
Just to show what I look like by Cherry-Lane Just to show what I look like :iconcherry-lane:Cherry-Lane 3 2
A poem about Writers Block For College Papers
The dreaded essay
That everyone even English majors hate
As sometimes it is hard to  get to more than one page
About what I want to  say
Cause staring at the computer screen
Drives many a student mad with fear
Of what they fear
Is inadequacy
:iconcherry-lane:Cherry-Lane 7 2
Love not Spoken Revealed
Her eyes always spread warmth and hope to him
Perhaps that’s why he fell hard for her
Despite his realization of this love felt deep within his soul
He never spoke these words to her  as the fear of being rejected
Terrified him to no end little did he know was that
Orihime the Weaver Princess felt the same fear for she loved him
The Protector Ichigo
But on a spring day they overheard each other whisper
I love you
Startled and shocked by these revelations
They both smiled the most beautiful smile they had ever seen
Which held love and hope for tomorrow
That would inspire each other everyday
:iconcherry-lane:Cherry-Lane 7 5
First Christmas in New York
Ichigo just wanted a normal Christmas but he that wasn’t going to happen with his father around. So he decided that the best way for him and Orihime to spend Christmas together was to leave Japan. He had booked two flights one in San Francisco and one in New York.  Since he hated long flights and couldn’t sleep on planes. Once she heard about this surprise she couldn’t help but jump for joy.  He just smiled at Orihime and who always seemed to find Joy in everything.
“But Ichigo-kun why do want to keep this a secret from your father?” she asked Ichigo who just scowled his handsome scowl.
“Because my father will never change and he probably tried to pounce on me” He grumbled.
She knew that Kurosaki-san was energetic and it made Ichigo uncomfortable most the time. She just sighed “Oh, I guess Ichigo deserves a break from Kurosaki-san.”
Two Weeks Later
The plane had just landed in JFK Airport and surprising getting their lugga
:iconcherry-lane:Cherry-Lane 3 1
Summer Anniversary Gifts and Surprises
Today was the Summer Solstice and also Ichigo’s and Orihime’s first wedding anniversary. Since it was Ichigo and Orihime everyone knew that surprises just naturally followed them. Like today for instance Orihime had just discovered that she was pregnant.  Although she happy she was also nervous about how to tell him the news.
But fortunately she didn’t have to worry about that for too long as Ichigo had just come in to the front door. She was so deep in thought that she didn’t hear him come in.
“Oh, hey Ichi-Kun happy anniversary!”  Orihime squeaked.
“You too!” he chuckled.
Then suddenly Orihime nearly fainted but luckily Ichigo was there to catch her. She blushed like a tomato at this and looked away from him. “Hey, Orihime what’s wrong?” he said worriedly.
“Well I guess it’s no use hiding it Ichi-Kun I’m pregnant”. She sounded so nervous saying it that she felt that she would faint aga
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The coloring is beautiful and poses are wonderful. Exaggerated but not too much that they look unrealistic. I'm curios however if the l...

Your coloring needs work but otherwise your figure drawing shows improvement. The perspective is decent but could be improved on. The p...

I love the atmosphere of this photo. However I am not sure if this blurriness is intentional. Since I have trouble seeing the costume b...

The draftsmanship is good but some parts of the work look to shiny and it would probably be better if colors look slightly subdued. How...




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2. Write 13 things about yourself.
3. Answer the 13 questions made by the person who tagged you, and make your own 13 questions.

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1. Do you like calm or fast music or a little of both?
   A little bit of both.

2. What animals do you find cute?
  Most Mammals

3. What have you been up to guys?
Graduated Community college

4. What is the meaning of life for you?
Find your own happiness

5. Do you like Zombie movies and/or Zombie video games?
No, they are overrated and depressing.

6. If society wasn't so judgemental, what would you wear and do?
Grow my head hair really long and not wear socks.

7. Seen any manga and animes lately?
  No, unless you count webcomics than it is MY:th.
8. What video games do you guys prefer?

9. I know we all try to avoid haters but what ways do you guys do that?
     Not feeding the trolls
10. Do you have any plans for the summer?
Find a Job
11. What kind of art do you like?
All kinds
12. Favorites OST music?
     Anything by Hans Zimmer
13. What would you do for a Twinkie?
     Nothing I hate Twinkies.

My Questions

1. Are you a morning person?
2. Do you like toppings on your pizza?
3. Vanilla or Chocolate?
4. Steak or Pasta?
5. Sherbet or Ice Cream?
6. Lemon cake or Strawberry Shortcake?
7. What's your favorite book genre?
8. Do you like cats?
9. Would you rather be in the summer heat or the cold of winter?
10. Do you play board games sometimes?
11. Do you prefer Colored Art or Black&White Art?
12. Superheroes or Supervillians?
13. Do prefer romance stories or action stories? Or do you  enjoy a combination of both?

I tag no one if you want to do it go ahead.
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