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This was the start of my dark period. At the time I grieved the loss of someone close to me who I will never be able to see. He had a mental illness, namely manic-depressive disorder. Unfortunately, he was twice sent to a psychiatric hospital where people are not treated but only maim (Yes, in Russia it is the harsh truth). And , after the second release, I couldn't believe it was still the same person I knew. He was very hard fate, and in recent months he was completely broken down with brain fog due to prescription drugs. It's been a year since his desperate step into oblivion. I still feel sorrow about it, but just understand that my life continues and now trying to be brave and deal with their pain.
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Lovely work:) Nice warm colors. Magic atmosphere.

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Hi, Deviantart, friend! 

I was passing by and I visited your gallery and I think you're doing some incredible amazing things ! I love your work, for real.

I'm also a growing artist and I was thinking if you could give a check at my gallery to get your feedback, please ? 

If you don't want to, it's ok ! Don't worry.
Wishing you a very good day !!

The link to my profile :
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You have to hang onto your life with the lost of each and every friend and family member.  When a close friend from grade school passed on last Winter Solstice from fighting colon cancer for seven years, I memorialized him in an eBook I had published this Spring.  Now he'll always be my co-pilot and navigator forever.

I love your druidess here.
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Thank you f lot <3

Of course, the soul of our loved ones will forever remain with us

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They will always be on the edge of our conscientiousness forever. 
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I understand your situation, I'm so sorry.. I'm very proud of you for coming so far. It's such a hard thing to cope with, but you should be proud of yourself. You are always stronger than you know. Your art reflects these feelings in a very accurate way, the cut tree, the grey shades, the birds and bare stump leaves. But there's always an opportunity to grow your tree again. <3
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Thank you for your understanding and support! Of course, I found it very hard to recover and come to terms with the irreparable , but now everything is getting better, many of the problems go away and comes more faith in myself

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I believe in you, you've got this! It's hard sometimes... A lot of the time, but, you're here for a reason. The world is lucky to have ya <3
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Very very beautiful work! Love it!
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Oj, I came to complement your work, but after reading the description... this is so sad. Very sorry for you loss
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Thank you for your words of empathy, I really needed this in those period

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a beautiful piece & i am sorry for your loss
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Thanks a lot for your support :aww:

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you're very welcome
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so intense and majestic!
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