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March 8th 2009

Awww no more? lol
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I bet her farts smell wonderful

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A shot from before I joined dA. Love the expression on your face. The rest is equally likeable.
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such ignorant comments by the kiddes here, our cute girl just has a bit of a belly that's all, a good look in my
considered opinion
kellyqueen's avatar
I got another three cases of 200 each for you piggy
huty69's avatar
Keep eating my fat lady :)
LilPad15's avatar
Why did you let yourself get so big when you were perfect before?
Mario-Wolfe's avatar
She wants to gain weight. It's all so stupid and a great way to die too early in life.
you is fit whats your number iam 24 slim with dark hair and eyes
Paulstered's avatar
Make a great pinup model!
send2owais's avatar
I am too. That you were born you dick. What would you say if she was thin? oh yeah you'd be flirting your ass off! I HATE YOU PEOPLE!
Mario-Wolfe's avatar
We hate you, too. :)
Solar-Prower's avatar
You look so cute! :D I want to sit down with you and just hug. (that is if me doing that wasn't extremely awkward, but you hopefully know what I mean.)
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you look like you're worn out from eating
LightningBob's avatar
got a potbelly going there!
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