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[WG] Aila Baby Approval


Name: Aila

Biological Sex: Female

Subspecies: Standard

Creation: Bred Wyngling

Egg ID#: 1454

List of Inherited Upgrades: Coatala Ears, Horn Stubs, Star Stamp, Tiny Back Wings, Smooth Shaped Mouth

Location: Wynsiph

Magic: Basic Earth (Sense Vibrations)
Parents: Zara and Nia

rainbow heart {big} 

the daughter has arrived! <3

3/946 Wyn…
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Mod Message: Aila looks so freaking cute. I love their eye color!

You're almost good to go, however, we have a few edits that need seeing to first:

- Your smooth mouth appears to be floating. Please connect the mouth to the rest of the face.

- The baby spot is a little too large, please shrink it down and make sure it connects to the mouth.

Here is a redline to guide you!


That's it! Once you've made those edits please reply back to me here. Thank you!

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Heya! Sorry for the delay!

Aila is all good to go! Approved.