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It was a rather cloudy day, but still warm enough that there was no need for long sleeves. Rosh blinked into the skies, sighing to himself. He didn’t know what it was with him returning to old stomping grounds, but this was just a way to make sure that he still was rooted within his life. He had been here in the previous life. It was such a damn long time ago, he didn’t know if anyone would be alive to remember the bratty nephilim that had caused so much trouble.
With a yawn, Rosh plopped down on a park bench, leaning back against it. He probably was here to just look for someone specific. Raimundo – the only one who would probably still be alive to remember him. But with how much risks both of them had taken, it might just be unlikely that Raimundo would still be around.
Rosh was just about to doze off, when his senses suddenly blared at his mind to get out of this daze. Someone had tried to sneak up on him. Before Rosh had consciously made the decision, the barrel o
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The Day Belle Johnson Died :iconcheroshseiphar:CheroshSeiphar 1 2
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Commission - Clubbing Night :iconcheroshseiphar:CheroshSeiphar 1 0
First Dance - Part 3
Raphael took it upon himself to treat Rosh's wounds, but it was rather clear that he was angry about the whole affair. He had chewed Rosh out for not just ending the fight before it had escalated in the first place, but it had fallen on deaf ears, as so often. Rosh just let Raphael do his thing, and waited impatiently for him to finish patching him up. He just wanted to be ready for the big nephilim meeting which would happen in a few days. He had no idea what it would be like, but like Hell he would miss it.
"You're too impatient for your own good, Rosh." Raphael had finally finished up, and he looked rather tired by now. Rosh was a bit surprised to see his brother like that, but then again, Raphael often had this worn out look on his face. It probably was because he was something like the official doctor of the npehilim, whom everyone consulted if they didn't have any other means of getting patched up. "Please, just watch out the next time. You could just have stopped Gerrit dead in
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First Dance - Part 2
"Gerrit, what happened?" Eva sounded more annoyed than worried when Gerrit returned. Gerrit had tried to get his wings un-ruffled, but he hadn't really been successful. "So you did go after Rosh."
"So what?" Gerrit blew his nose slightly, dried as well as some fresh blood coming out. "I wanted to find out what the whole buzz about this guy was."
"Typical." Eva rolled her eyes, shoving Gerrit into a soft chair. "Dad, Gerrit got himself into trouble again!"
Uriel had just returned from a long shift at the gate, as it seemed, and sighed when he caught sight of Gerrit. "This is the third fight this week alone. I told you to slow down, Gerrit."
Gerrit grumbled to himself, his stubborn nature coming through again. If there was a defining trait about him that could really drive anyone up the wall, it was his eternal stubborness. It had got him into trouble and out of trouble again, but mostly into trouble really. It also warranted clashes with his sister and his father on a regular basis, but
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First Dance - Part 1
Rosh was slightly peeved at the world that day. His father, as per usual, had completely ignored him in favor of talking with his fellow angels. Whatever this talk was about was nothing of Rosh's interest, but it still annoyed him that it seemed to be so all-important. Plus, he had been severely beat up by an angel only earlier that day. He had been convinced that he had picked out someone he could have taken on, but he soon had been proven to be wrong. Which had led to a rather short and unsatisfying fight on his end, and some broken pride on the side.
Grumbling to himself, Rosh headed for the one place where he felt at ease even on the heavenly plane. There was a small hotspring, surrounded by trees, and with rather shallow, but inviting water. It was there where he always could relax, without fault. He sighed when he dipped his toes into the water, shuddering lightly. He had spread out his wings, so that the feathers could catch some sunlight, and he sat down at the shallow end of t
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Training between the nephilim and the vampires was a rather funny affair to observe. It was a constant teasing and taunting, at times a dick meassuring contest, and overall a chaotic version of how proper training should have been conducted. It was hopeless to keep it under control for more than an hour. After that, inevitably, someone would get the idea that there had to be some kind of teasing.
For this Saturday, Wolf had planned several things. However, he was not all that hopeful everything would go according to this plan. He knew well enough how the nephilim treated most, if not every single training session. There was always this threat that everything would derail into a very smutty and sweaty "fight". He could at least get some training done, but as for the rest of it, he would have to kick back and let everything spin out of control.
He sighed to himself when he noticed that, before his arrival, most nephilim and vampires already had gathered. As it inevitably was the case, ev
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Distant Past
Rosh had sat down on the patio at the back of the mansion, a gleaming cigarette between his fingers, eyes fixed on the starry sky. He hadn't been sleeping too well in the past days, and often had woken up from confusing dreams about blood and fire. He was quite sure that it wasn't a part of his past, but it felt like it should have been. He had heard from Noctis that there were splinters of past days that could have been, but that explanation had been confusing at best.
He chuckled when he felt a pair of arms around him. Rosh looked up and into Gerrit's eyes. "Hey. Did I wake you up earlier?"
"No." Gerrit gently scritched along Rosh's cheek, which produced a small scratching sound. "I woke up because the bed felt so empty all of a sudden. Why did you get up?"
"Same dream again." Rosh pulled Gerrit into his lap, cuddling his blood angel close. He felt more at ease with Gerrit cuddled up against him. "The same strange dream about a fire and enough blood to fill a couple of human beings."
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Chance Encounter
Rosh hadn't been feeling well at all in the past few days. The pressure he had put on himself to find Gerrit was growing more unbearable with every day passing by, and by now, he was entirely content with wandering the streets aimlessly, bumping into rowdy people and other strange ones (he sometimes had the feeling that what he was seeing was not what he was supposed to be seeing), but other than that, there was no luck in his nightly wandering. He just was bounced back and forth between seedy places, dark corners, and probably less than desirable company. And it never really changed.
He knew that at this rate, he would rather dash some of his meager progress than really accomplish anything. But it was just unbearable to think about Gerrit all this time. He knew that there were near endless possibilities of what could have happened to the sniper and rival he had gotten to know in Goose Bay, and that was precisely what drove him near mad while he was pondering what to do next. He didn't
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Grumpy Tiger, Cheeky Sparrow - Part 3
"Are you quite proud of yourself?" Marius tickled Luka's nose lightly, until the nephilim started sneezing and laughing. "Thanks to you, I did half the work I wanted to do today. And I'm not exhausted beyond all hope."
"Yes, quite proud indeed." Luka snickered, cuddling against Marius and sighing quietly. "It's better for you like that. And I'll never stop slowing you down to this pace until you got so used to it that I don't have to slow you down any more."
Marius sighed, then poked Luka's side lightly, which made the nephilim squeak. "Fine, I got it now. I got it. You won't stop being my annoying, chatty little sparrow. And for that, I'm thankful."
Luka smiled, then yawned up at Marius. "Good. Because I'm working my ass off here so that you can finally stop worrying so much about your paperwork, and watch out for your health more."
Even with Marius claiming that he had done only half the paperwork he had intended to do, it still had been quite a lot he had finished up, contrary to hi
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Dune Feathers - Noctis
The nestling of the swarm came on a sunny day, and in a way Ludwig would never have expected. He had felt that the other nephilim had gone through their second birth, albeit now without memory of their previous lives. But that not only one, but two mothers would leave their children with him, even if under vastly different circumstances, was heartwrenching.
André had come to him at a few months of age, and the little boy was rather attached to him already. All the more, he looked surprised when Ludwig carried a very small bundle into the room. Even more so, André had been rather startled that Serena took a photo of the moment André met his nephilim brother, and adoptive brother, Noctis.
Even in his first life, Noctis had been the youngest of the swarm, though he had been a complicated character to deal with. He had been haughty and rather sadistic, and he had almost had a falling out several times with the swarm, in a way that would have damaged their relationships on th
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Grumpy Tiger, Cheeky Sparrow - Part 2
Eating with Luka close by was not only a bit of a challenge, but a huge one. Marius was just drinking some tea, which was relatively unproblematic, but there was just so much movement going on next to him that he couldn't focus at all. Luka apparently was keen on making as much of a fuss about eating as somehow possible, and that was a both amusing and rather unnerving thing to watch. Marius was sort of used to it already, but the cuddliness of Luka was reaching new levels on this particular evening. And he already was behind on his schedule, at least on what he had planned to do...
"You're looking like you're all up in your work." Luka poked his forehead, a slightly accusing gaze coming from him. "I thought we had said something about not getting worked up already, but rather taking things slow?"
"It was your idea, Birdie." Marius pulled Luka into a hug and kissed him deeply, until Luka was gasping for air. "Your idea was that of making me sit through breakfast with you before I did a
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Dirt Diver needed quite some time before his face had properly healed. The scars had been inevitable, especially with their rather awkward placement. He hadn't been able to talk much without putting stress on his fresh wounds, and even after he had stopped doing most of his talking, Dirt Diver found it was really difficult to do anything without disrupting the healing process at least a little bit. Every time he did as much as curl his lips into a smirk, he could feel his skin shifting, almost to the point freshly healed parts would break open again. The whole thing was an almost nerve-wracking experience, and Dirt Diver just wanted it to be over.
And the whole time, he had to think about the name he had read on the dog tags. DeBoer. A Dutch name, and it was connected to something. He was sure of that. He was mulling it over in his head for days and days, carefully thinking about every case he had ever worked on. And it weren't so few. But he couldn't remember any case where a Dutch ma
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Dirt Diver was in a happy pink land without pain as of the moment. The drugs he had been given were strong enough to really dull everything around him. He did realize that something was a bit odd, since Ferret suddenly collapsed, and Sparrow was cursing like mad. He didn’t really understand anything, however, and he couldn’t really care. He was just so wrapped into this light, cloud-like feeling that he was utterly, blissfully out of it.
Strong arms hauled him onto a stretcher, and someone shone a light into his eyes. Dirt Diver merely smiled broadly, even if it created a strange, tugging feeling on the right side of his face. Someone had messed him up, that he remembered faintly. Well, he had been quite cheeky. Nothing wrong with that, though.
Something was poked into his arm, something sharp and pointy enough to penetrate the thick wall of pink surrounding Dirt Diver’s mind. Then, someone carefully lifted his head a little, to put something soft beneath it for him t
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The sun already was deep in the sky. Ferret adjusted his cap and nervously looked around. It wasn't exactly safe out here, after all, but they still had a job to do. No matter how difficult or dangerous it would become, they had to get to their targets. He thought about the team they were out to rescue. He wondered who and why they had been ambushed, and how it had happened. He could think of the likely scenarios, but it still was a bit unimaginable for him that they would have gotten captured all that easily. That was exactly what was worrying him. They were specialists, after all. Specialists didn't just get sacked, and then couldn't do much about it. They should know how to even free themselves, under a set of circumstances. But in this case...
"Ferret, stop daydreaming." Big patted his shoulder and shook his head in a rather disapproving manner. "We are here on a mission. You have your thing to do. So stop worrying, hm? We'll do this. We'll free them and then see to them being trea
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Gerrit woke with a splitting headache and the feeling that something furry had died in his mouth. His thighs was hurting, his back was a mess, and his face felt like it had been hit with a frying pan one too many times. But he could also feel that he was laying on something soft and cool. It was a stark contrast to the heat he had experienced what seemed only moments before. The thought that he had a gap in his memory was bothering him, though not as much as it usually would. His head felt a bit light and fuzzy - probably the side effect of some kind of medication. He could live with that. Better medication and a nice bed than somewhere in the middle of nowhere.
His vision slowly focussed on the only other being in the room. Gerrit blinked when he noticed the sleeping man sitting next to his bed. Well, sitting was an overstatement. The dark-haired male was slumped over in his seat, upper body tilted precariously to the side, lips slightly parted. He looked dirty and like he hadn't had
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I'm still somewhat... alive. Just not able to come back to dA all that much. I MIGHT try to post some snippets of my current work here and there, but there is absolutely no promises that I can do that.


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Well hello there.

As you can tell by looking at my gallery, I am a writer. A passionate one at that. I'm working on becoming a professional author - but the way to grabbing this star will be a long and exhausting one. I'll go this way with small steps - one story at the time.


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