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Unexpected Cargo (two problems fixed) by CherokeeGal1975 Unexpected Cargo (two problems fixed) by CherokeeGal1975
Please read description then click on the link.…

    (Update: Yes it's a little over six hours long, but there is no rule you have to listen to it all at once!  I'm only saying this because I think that maybe people become daunted by the length of this book.  Please, take your time if you want to.)
    Okay, so someone was kind enough to be honest and say that I read too fast.  I did a few tutorials and discovered how to slow down the recording a little without distorting my voice to the point it sounds weird.  If anything, it sounds more like what I sound like to myself.  As an added bonus, I found a tutorial that removes some of the annoying background noises I didn't know how to remove the first time I submitted this video.
    I added some more pictures that are connected to the story, if not directly to the plot.  I don't have very many unfortunately, but eventually I hope to get back to illustrating more of my books later on.  I'm just trying to finish another project before I move on to my other novel Eden Symbiotic.  Doing these audios is not easy.  I stutter sometimes, or mispronounce some things and then I have to repeat sentences or even whole paragraphs sometimes two to three times in order to get them right.  No one helped me do this video.  I am the editor, reader, author, artist, musician and at the very end you will hear me singing.  I couldn't find a site online that did sound effects and royalty free music that didn't insist that I pay the site first before I could use their products.  So I made due with what I could do directly at home.  At least there is no way there will be any copyright violations since everything is completely original.
    This update was time consuming, but not too difficult.  The making of the original video from scratch was very challenging.  Each chapter took up to three hours to complete between recording and editing.  There are about 24 chapters in this book, so you get the idea of how long it took to make this.  Also, it took about two days to put it all together and four years to write the novel itself. Each drawing can take weeks to complete and I don't remember how long it took to finish them, only that it wasn't a short time.  I based the main plot element on art I found here on DeviantArt that I didn't like.  I thought it would be an interesting challenge to see if I could do the same thing only better.  Whether or not I actually succeeded will be left to your judgment.
    Anyway here is they synopsis:
    Johnathan was just a family man and a cargo runner. A political nobody with no connection or interest in the royal family apart from the occasional shipping jobs they hired him for. So he didn't understand why he and his odd family were being so persistently hounded by King Richard's personal guards. He later learns when Princess Elena had hired him to hide the royal seal for its safekeeping, it was actually a ruse. The real cargo she wanted him to keep safe for her was her unborn baby! She had secretly used a maternity transfer spell on him to hide her baby from Richard in the one place no one would expect... inside Johnathan! When he learns of the reason for the sudden onset of his odd symptoms, he is outraged. Yet when the Princess reveals that she has recently learned of a shared connection with him, one that bound them together in such a way that can't be broken, Johnathan mostly forgives her. So, instead of revenge, he attempts to help her indirectly in her quest to remove the unrightful king and regain it for her baby. Johnathan works against time to help the princess without getting caught and killed by the king. He hopes to accomplish all he can before the princess goes to war against the king and before his unlikely cargo must be delivered.
   This book is available on Amazon and Create Space as a Kindle or as a paperback book.  Just type in the title plus my name and it should pop right up.
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