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Cheetah Sketch

Little sketchy painting 😊.

I haven’t been able to do any art lately but I’m glad I could at least do this today.

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Looks lovely!

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I love Cheetahs and that is awesome

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They are beautiful cats!! Thank you! <3

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I love your art, it's so inspiring :0 Also wow this is a sketch? It's so incredibly detailed this is stunning- When I first saw this (before reading the title) I thought this was the finished composition. I want to draw realism art more, I typically draw more cartoony art but I really enjoy drawing realistically! How did you first learn to draw realism? I'm still fairly new to drawing realistically and I want to learn how to get better at it. Also could you possibly give me some constructive criticism on this art piece?(like, what I can improve on)

Realistic golden retriever puppy artwork

Keep making your amazing artwork & I hope you have a wonderful day! <333

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I love how you made it look so real!

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Aw, thanks! I'm so glad you like him ^^

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I love the painterly look to this, it's such a great mixture of realism and stylisation!

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Thanks so much! I'm trying to find that middle-ground ^^

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This is amazing! I love the sun on his face. *-*

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Thank you! Nothing like basking in the sun ^^

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Cheet!! So beautiful <333

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So beautiful! Amazing work
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Cheetahs were my favorite feline animal for my entire childhood and you captured their craftiness too well!

Love your sketch🐱

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Thank you! I'm glad you think so <33

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this is amazing and have such great detail

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So beautiful, I love the lighting!

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Thanks so much! ^^

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