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let the darkness take controle
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the too early Valentines day picture by cheriibat, visual art

Myotismon x Jördis 💙


Happy Anniversary Joerdis by Sakura-of-Zendikar, visual art

Myotismon x Jördis 💜


Kissing Bats. u3u by Sakura-of-Zendikar, visual art



Ah, darkness, the perfect cloak for my evil, ideal conditions for producing fear. Human blood always tastes better with a dash of fear in it. ~Myotismon Perhaps your brain is too small for this job. ~Myotismon If you fail me again, my bats will have a new chew toy. You! ~Myotismon I don't have to explain myself to the likes of you. It is my destiny to plunge this world into darkness and become king of the Digital World, and no Angel or Digimon has the power to stop me! ~Myotismon If you want to go to the Digital World, soothe your heart in darkness and I'll take you there. ~Myotismon I went out to have a bite to eat and to get familiar with the city. It is always so difficult to get a good meal when one is away from home. ~Myotismon After all, you are Myotismon. I'd be outta my head to make you mad. ~DemiDevimon So I'm a clown? Then I'll act like one. ~Piedmon What's the matter? Don't want to play with uncle Piedmon anymore? Trump Sword ~Piedmon Who would like to be the first to be destroyed? Oh, come now, don't tell me you have stage fright? ~Piedmon In order to succeed, sometimes you have to step on people along the way. ~Piedmon Time flies in the blink of an eye when you're having fun. ~Piedmon I'm not a sicko, I'm a collector, and these new items are of such sentimental value to me. ~Piedmon

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