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United Kingdom

Pixel - Heart Bar by go-hero

Pixel - Heart Bar by go-hero
I love canonxoc, I don't give a heck if you don't.

I'm a HTTYD freak and that damn movie ruined my life.
I am a crazy collector for anything HTTYD, and my collection is getting rather (in?)famous. I have a Master of Science degree in psychology & neuropsychology and am currently working as a senior (senior in terms of experience, not age, I ain't old... yet) member of staff in the mental health community for disabled adults. I come here to unwind and indulge in a lil' harmless fantasy. I'm more of a scientist than an artist, which is why my gallery is mostly photos or re-uploads of commissions (with permission). I draw and sculpt occasionally but it's not really my strong point.

I have more money than sense, hence why I tend to have fairly hardcore collections and often commission artists. Hey, I work hard for good money, and I feed it back into the art community by getting art that makes me happy. Anything wrong with that? No? Good. If you're happy to draw my characters/ships then drop me a note and I'll gladly throw some cash your way! I tend to only commission ocxcanon stuff though ;)

Pixel - Heart Bar by go-hero

My favourite ocxcanon ships:

Tinytinydgray (f2u) by my-world-is-splitClassical Shipping (Cupid & Psyche - Fairly Odd Parents) [INACTIVE]
Flame Heart Bullet Point - F2U by SuperHeroPattyFatty Screechnix/Screenix/LoveBirds (Screech & Infernix / Strig & Holly - The Incredibles) [ACTIVE]
Flame Heart Bullet Point - F2U by SuperHeroPattyFatty NightSong/Kurlumba/Night&Light (Nightcrawler & Siren Song / Kurt & Columba - X-Men)(Movie Universe) [ACTIVE]
Pixel - Heart Bar by go-hero

Pixel - Heart Bar by go-hero
Finally, and most importantly:
Luv my Budgies by Animal-Stamp I heart Budgies stamp by NorthSkyThunder Stamp - Budgie Love by Moth-Doll
Stamp- I love my Cockatiel by Sweety-Wanda I heart Cockatiels by NorthSkyThunder Stamp - Cockatiel Love by Moth-Doll


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gitreckt Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2019
Rainbow dash is a good character. That's why she's so popular. It's not just because she's got a rainbow mane.

Also fuck rarity and her hypocrite fan base.
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Kirakiradolls Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2019  Student Traditional Artist
I'm such a big fan of Incredibles 2 as well. I created Purrlina, a cat hero. She's the daughter of Screech and Infernix
(1 Reply)
LegendaryEon Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2018  Professional Artist
Hey! Here's my picture of Moonlight, like I said!

Moonlight the Light Fury by LegendaryEon
(1 Reply)
MyFanFictionPicture Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2018
Thanks for the Llama:)
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RianaDragoness Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thank you again ;;w;; and thank you for the waaatch ;;7;;
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