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September 23, 2007
Seductress by ~Chenzan is quite a charming, mystical and somehow celestial, non-Earth looking girl with hard and well worked out details. The artist creates an almost photo-realistic feeling of something untouchable, desirable, enchanting, enough to render you speechless.
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Heres a painting i did this week with a lot of free time. I played around with different rendering techniques. The goal was to paint tightly, don't know if i succeeded. I blurred out a lot of parts of the body that wasn't quite important, though it gave the piece another effect entirely. I created a "freckle/skin tone" brush but used it very very subtley since i wanted her skin to be very soft and un-scathed, but i used it to break up the skin tones for a realistic feel. I managed to get a subsurface scattering effect on the skin in some areas with some PS layer/brush effects. The background was made with many various layers of strokes, painterly gesso like layers, and a paper texture to break up the area. For technique reference, i was mainly looking at LindaB's tutorials on rendering. I dont believe it turned out as much of like her work, shes just a master as what she does ^_^.
Overall, i think this was a good learning piece for me.
PS i used photo ref from, and is kinda friends with the model from another forum site.
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She's beautiful, and you've given very careful attention to detailing the piece. I adore the headpiece you've given her.
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Beautiful skin tones!
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Nice work. Skin texture of the back is very smooth and realistic and I like the earring too.

UmbreaicVulf's avatar
The amount of detail is amazing. Beautiful figure~ Her hair is also very beautiful. :heart:
Yaoi-Huntress-Earth's avatar
deaths-lil-angel's avatar is rly good!!
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wow! beautiful and fantastic drawing. you are a great painter!
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Hello my friend,

I send this message just to tell that I featured your work in my journal: [link] ! :D

Congratulations for the wonderful work!!! :clap:
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Love her hair. It's very beautiful.
NERVchild's avatar
Absolutely beautiful.
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I loving the hair style!
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I really, really like this!
Girl-In-Glass's avatar
Wow, this is...a gorgeous piece!
Congrats on the much-deserved DD!
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Awesome painting! :D Fav
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nice work man!!!
i like what you did with the hair.
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Very very interesting! Very beautiful earring.
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:wow: awesome painting!! I want to try something like that soon. thx for the for the reference site.
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well...she did her job, if she was real she seduced me right there XD
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