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OPEN AUCTION | Mermay adopts? 2nd batch

From left to right:

n.113 "Electric shock" : A-2O

n.114 "Shallow waters" : judasfound

n.115 "Poisonous algae" : -

SB: $ 50
MI: $ 3
If bid goes above : $ 200 + 1 bust shot
AB: $ 300 + 2 bust shots (sample, sample)


-Auction ends 48 hours after first bid.
-Snipe guard of 1 hour.
-Prices are in $ USD; payment via PayPal invoice.
-Payment has to be made within 48 hours of receiving my invoice.
-Bid in chain under my comment.
-No retracting bids.
-No refunds.
-I accept payment plans. Read my TOS for more info.
-Trade, gift, and resell are okay; reselling is allowed as long as you sell it for the same price you bought it or less.
-Credit me properly when posting. Put me as the creator when uploading the design to (chenysin) please!

When purchasing my designs, you are agreeing to my TOS.

I'll note you the original file(s) in PNG with original resolution and transparent after you've paid the full amount!
All extra art will be handed to you as soon as it's finished! it could take a while before I can give it to you so keep that in mind please, thanks for understanding!

. . .

This was suposed to be up last week haha *cries in time management
Probably the last batch of merbois for now, i'll continue with the pokemon trainers batch AND ALSO i'm cooking something genshin impact related MMMm
ah these also come with a drawing of their backs so you can see their designs, i'll link that in the comments!

thanks sm for reading!! hope you like them!!! (´• ω •`) ♡

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- tip jar -
✦ ko-fi  ✦
If you're feeling generous you can always leave a small tip! these help a lot with covering some of paypal fees ;;
you can also look for the 'tip button' when paying an invoice
Thanks a lot!
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God these mermaids are so pretty

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aaa thanks!!!

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omg i love them;;

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thank you aaa ;;!!!

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love these designs! if only my account was old enough sobs... oh well! hope they find good homes!

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aa thanks so much ;uu;!

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Here's a back side view!

Mermay 2 Backspv
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Bid here for n.115

Reply to the highest bid in chain

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Bid here for n.114

Reply to the highest bid in chain

End time : 12 jun 2021 // 10.25 PM CDT

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SB, please!

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Congratsss!!! it's yours ^^ thanks so much! pls text me your email and wait for my invoice

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Bid here for n.113

Reply to the highest bid in chain

End time : 13 jun 2021 // 6.06 AM CDT

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Aa congrats dear it's yours!!! i'll send the invoice asap

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; w; Thank you. <333

I really couldn't help myself. Looks like a wonderful friend for the other babbu.

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