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TotA - Freudian Ship
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Published: April 15, 2008
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Tales of the Abyss spoilers below!

...see what I did thar? Hurhur :B

comic based on the following TotA skit:

Skit 166: Cruising in Style

LUKE: Wow. Looks like the Tartarus has no problem on the sea, either.
GUY: Yeah, it was built for both land and sea, but it's really just a landship that happens to float. Real warships will have no problem outrunning it.
JADE: Indeed.
ION: Nonetheless, I've grown used to the Tartarus. I find it more comfortable than some ferries.
LUKE: Yeah, me too.
NATALIA: Luke! The Tartarus is a Malkuth craft, you know. Kimlasca-Lanvaldear's cruise ship, the Princess Natalia, is much more enjoyable.
ANISE: Yeah, that sounds a lot better.
GUY: Really? I think men would take the Tartarus any day.
MIEU: The Tartarus!
ANISE: How about you, Tear? The Princess Natalia, right?
LUKE: The Tartarus, of course!
TEAR: I...I kind of like Tokunaga...
ALL: ......
TEAR: ...N-never mind.


So... yeah. What I was doing instead of revising for the fifty million exams I have starting next week. >_> *crams kanji* I swear, by the time I finish making these, they seem so much less funny. But hey. Guy! :heart:


Still haven't completed TotA. I've just passed the fake ending, where you 'kill' Van only to find he's still alive five minutes later, along with basically every other character in the goddamn game. >_> 'whaaat? The God-Generals are alive?? But the avalanche that failed to do any harm to us whatsoever must surely have killed them...!!'

>_> Yeah. This game had better get better in the next 10 hours or so, srsly. -_-

*back to procrastination!* :D

TotA (c) Namco
Arts (c) *chensterrain
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Ahahah each time i take a look to this I laughed so hard !
KarateCat211's avatar
KarateCat211Hobbyist General Artist
Alex: *eye twitches in irritation, but corner of mouth twitches up* Immature idiots... *trying not to laugh*
JadedFeather's avatar
Either she's really naive and has been sheltered too long to pick up the lingo or she's that slow. xD

Quick Natalia, better change your name back to Meryl before your reputation bids the dust...

Natalia: Why on earth would I do that?

Me: *snickers* Nevermind, it's not my fault if it gets too WET for you~
Pokemongrl2008's avatar
Pokemongrl2008Hobbyist General Artist
That's what she said^9000 :XD:
MusiceEye's avatar
MusiceEyeHobbyist General Artist
I love Guy's expression in the last panel. XD
RikuUzumaki7's avatar
Hilarious innuendos!
YukiNitarou's avatar
YukiNitarouStudent Digital Artist
Just perfect. I could just cry. XD
kersy99's avatar
kersy99Hobbyist General Artist
Just way too funny XD!
Anise: Not to mention it's full of seamen!
Me: Rofl!
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sam241Hobbyist Digital Artist
That is TOO funny...
HeavensChaos's avatar
HeavensChaosHobbyist General Artist
:rofl: That is perfect!
KageSora's avatar
KageSoraHobbyist General Artist

BAHAHAHAH! That's freakin' hilarious. XD :love:
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ZetraHobbyist Artisan Crafter
That was just... that was just awesome. xD I laughed so hard! I totally could see it being a skit too 8D
And I love the look on Guy's face in the last panel!

I kinda agree, I got a bit bored of TOA. It's not that it's a bad game, but maybe it just drags on a bit too much? I kind of lost interest when the person I was playing with decided to buy the game for themself and finish it without telling me, even though I waited to make sure we played it through together. Yeah.. that kinda ticked me off >_>
I shouldn't punish the poor game for what it did was not it's fault D:
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mangagadaisukiHobbyist General Artist
oh my god... *dies laughing*
Dan-ja-man's avatar
OMG Guy, it's about time he actually said that lol.

And this comic is amazing, when I started reading it, I thought it was just going to be the skit that you based it on: but it was even better lol!!
Luke-sama's avatar
Luke-samaStudent General Artist
I absolutely lovveeeee ittt!! great job!!<333
Hikari-Hero's avatar
Hikari-HeroStudent Traditional Artist
:giggle: I can't stop laughing at this!

Ah, Guy, how I love you so :heart:
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1 word for Natalia..........SLUT!!!
SlumberPoppy's avatar
SlumberPoppyStudent General Artist
holy crap, guy XD
Zeke-Staright's avatar
Zeke-StarightHobbyist Digital Artist
ROFLMFAO, Awsome o(>t< )b
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miasakaHobbyist General Artist
LeonsShadow's avatar
LeonsShadow Digital Artist
*lawls forever*
HylianLycan's avatar
HylianLycanHobbyist General Artist
XDDD This made my day, definitely.
ThatDarnKat's avatar
LOL. This has crossed my mind more than once! :XD:
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