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[MEA] You better behave...

By Chenria
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- “I hope you behave while I am not around.” 
- “And here I was hoping you would stop by again sooner if you hear I don’t…”

Reyes Vidal and Sahara Ryder - my current OTP… 

Totally self-indulging picture to fight depression, art block and my fear of the fandom… might have helped with the art block, depression is also slowly starting to lift… the other… we’ll see…

Tools: Easy Paint Tool SAI || Art © Chenria 
Tumblr Emote Sketches, WIPs and more: tumblr 

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© 2017 - 2020 Chenria
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I love her hand!
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Looks amazing! I love their pose, and the colors are lovely.

I'm sorry that you're having a rough time. :hug: Do what you need to do to take care of yourself. I hope you'll feel better soon :heart:
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:aww: thank you! :hug: All your comments mean a lot to me! :3

And I am happy you like the picture of my little darlings :D Thank you!!!
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*hugs* Do what you need to do, my dear. You are stronger than you think. <3

And this is perfectly loving. You get the mood from their expressions and gesture, the playful atmosphere even under the sombre, serious color scheme of the Initiative. 
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:aww: thank you so much!! I am really happy you like the picture :3
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Oh I just adore their expressions! Absolutely bursting with personality!

Sahara: 'Oh you naughty boy, what am I going to do with you and your bad-boy vibes?'
Reyes: 'Don't prentend you don't find it irresistible Pathfinder'.

IMO, from the moment I first encountered him, I always felt Mr Vidal gave off a bit of Zevran-esque charm :P
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He does give off some Zevran vibes for sure :3 And I never expected to be this fascinated ... I mean... I had a great plan of romancing Liam because he is so adorable and funny ... and then Reyes steps into the story and woosh... plan ruined. *sigh* 
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Ha! I know the feeling.  I'm playing as Scott my first playthrough (romancing Vetra), and started thinking of my next playthough and who I would romance as Sara.  Was surprised at how much I like Liam, then surprised at how much I like Jaal.  Couldn't decide, then I met Reyes.  Decision made.  No doubt about it  Can't wait for my next playthrough.  SpaceZeveran for the win!
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That's where the beauty of multiple playthroughs come in :D
Though I admit - for both Dragon Age and Mass Effect - I too have found myself in the following predicament:

*Creates Character*
"I'm gonna Romance this Created Character with THIS Companion".
*Plays further into the game*
"I changed my mind, I'll Romance THIS OTHER Companion". :P
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Still think this is absolutely stunning!
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:heart: thank you so much, sweetie!
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