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Cherry Blossom Tattoo

By Chenai
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This is my new tattoo, just got it done today
the artist is Yaad Kedem from Infinity Ink tattoo in Vancouver.
He's amazing
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Aug 10, 2008, 9:58:10 PM
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Flattered...Someone stole this photo and put it on their tattoo website without asking my permission or giving my details AND the artist's details. Really steamed off right now.
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That IS beautiful!!!
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Thank you! I love it :)
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Omg soo pretty, how much for a tattoo that size?
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Thank you!! The original size was going to be much smaller (this takes up my whole shoulder!) so I was quoted $200. But on the day, the artist wanted to do a bigger size but since he quoted me $200, he didn't change the price.
I'd say a tatoo this size might be more around $300! But it honestly depends on the artist. :) So ask around!
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Thanks and again, very pretty! =D
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Love it!!!
you lil' devil you.
Going to get more?
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Thanks! Definitely. I have two so far. My cherry blossom branch and a small heart with a music note on the back of my neck. I have a small list of ones i'm getting :) They all have meaning and have been very well thought out!
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Watch out..I hear they're
addictive!! ;)
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Oh they really are! Thing is, i'm patient. If I know what I want and why I want it, i'll wait until the right time to get it. I know a few people who get them on a whim. I think they'll regret it later in life!
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i just wanted to let you know that i love love love this tattoo! i'm looking to get something quite similar this summer and i hope it turns out to look as good as yours! did you design it yourself or did the tattoo artist?
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Thank you so much!! :)
I had the idea, and the artist designed the tattoo around that. I sent in my idea beforehand, so by the time I had my consult appointment he already had something for me.
I'm glad you like it! And I hope yours turns out too :)
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I want to thank everyone who's added this to your favorites! There's 70 of you! haha. Thank you <3
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may I ask you if it hurts on that place? it looks gorgeous!
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Sorry for such a late reply...
Tatoos hurt, no matter what anyone says. It's a needle jabbing into your skin :P hehe. But it doesn't hurt a lot in that place, no.
And thank you!! :D
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Ohh,, that's awesome ! Nice spot aswell :) I want a 'sakura' tattoo myself, so just browsing for some inspiration. This most certainly helped! Really cool!
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Thank you! :)
Glad my tattoo could help, haha
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nice tat !

looks great
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It makes me happy =)
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