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Temporarium version 1.0

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Note for Windows users: If you have trouble installing Temporarium (see the Devious Comments section below), you could try using Gentium or Gentium Basic beta instead. The main advantage of Temporarium is that it looks much better than Gentium in PDF documents displayed on a computer screen using Adobe Reader; for some other purposes Gentium may actually be better.


An OpenType text family with roman and italic. Click where it says "Download" (probably up and to the left) to download a zip file containing the fonts and accompanying documentation.

This font family is derived from Gentium 1.02 with very little change to the shapes, but adapted for good performance when embedded in PDFs to be read on-screen with Adobe Reader.

Licensed under the SIL Open Font License (OFL), which means you can do almost anything with these fonts. Basically you can use them in any art, documents, etc., but you can't sell them unless you bundle them with other things, and if you derive your own fonts from them you can't distribute those under any license except the OFL.
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I tried to download and open your fonts to see the entire character set but it said that your download was not a valid font file.

Can you check to see if you've posted the file correctly? I would love to see the entire set. It's a lovely font.
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Apparently Windows XP can't handle it, I don't know why. I think Windows probably is either wrong or excessively picky. I consider Windows itself a bug, anyway. :) Putting it into the c:\windows\fonts directory "manually", using a DOS box/command window, might actually work, since that way the validator doesn't get run.

Temporarium is just a PostScript-flavored, hinted version of Gentium, so you might find Gentium itself adequate. It's in not-very-well-hinted TrueType format: [link]

Also there a beta release of the next version of Gentium just became available and includes boldface: [link] It seems to me too rough to be called a beta, but it may be adequate, depending on the purpose.
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font is invalid in WinXP
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Perhaps the fonts work anyway if they are put into C:\windows\fonts with a command shell (which doesn't try to decide whether they are valid fonts).

If and when I find out what XP thinks is wrong, I'll update the fonts.
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Oy! I just tried it myself and that's all it says.
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Does it have a more specific complaint?
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