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Juvelo Roman scraps release

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Updated a second time!

I have reworked some things but the biggest change is that now there are 215886 kern pairs, because I went ahead and developed a semi-automated spacing and kerning system. I'm going to make some kind of presentation about what I have devised.

It still needs to be tried on an italic typeface, and Juvelo Italic should serve nicely.

As last time, there are CFF-flavored OpenType, TrueType-flavored OpenType, and conventional TrueType fonts included in the zip. The OpenType files still aren't really huge, thanks to class-based kerning, but the conventional TrueType font, due to the hugeness of its kern table, is pretty big. Get the font here: [link]

Older notes:

Updated! Now with lots and lots of accented glyphs, thanks to some programming. (Now to come up with some good autokerning--more because I want to be enlightened than because kerning is tedious. "The purpose of computing is insight, not numbers." -- Richard Hamming)

This time the zip contains three fonts:

Juvelo.otf = CFF-flavored OpenType
JuveloOTT.ttf = TrueType-flavored OpenType
JuveloTT.ttf = TrueType with an old-style "kern" table

I threw in the TrueType-flavored OpenType mainly because I could, but it's not much bigger than Juvelo.otf and might look better in some applications.

Download the zip archive here: [link]


Older notes:

My mystery font revealed! Originally I was going to keep the whole project under wraps until I had roman and italic and an e-book made with them, but this way you get to use the more-than-usable roman and I get a reduction in work pressure.

Juvelo = Jewel (in Esperanto)

Based on a surprisingly forgotten jewel of Swiss type design, Diethelm-Antiqua. This is the only digital version I know of. Diethelm-Antiqua had both handset and linecasting versions, and I have included elements of both, along with my own ideas (such as the hybrid kreska-acute accent).

In the zip there is an OpenType version with (as yet undocumented) OpenType features such as automatic ligatures and contextual alternates, and there is a plain vanilla TrueType version with bulky conventional kerning tables. The latter font is useful in typographically dumb programs (such as I used to make the preview!).

Use but for now, while the fonts still aren't ready for the grand release party, don't distribute any changes, except back to me. :)
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Thank you for sharing :)
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You're welcome and thanks for liking it. I have put a lot more work into it than on any previous font, plus it started me collecting fine books, though I hope I never get serious about that as a hobby! I don't want to end up selling a house to pay for a leaf from a Gutenberg bible. :)
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I know what you mean. Collecting old books could be terrible.
I was glad to visit the humanistic museum in Selesta (France) and have a look at very old books, incunables and portulans. They have those precious items, 42 lines bible, and printed books with hand made red capitals.
This museum is also a library for study.
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There really isn't that much I could do with a Gutenberg bible, though, for type work; a copy of Hypnerotomachia Poliphili from the Aldine Press would actually be much more inspiring to me. Do you have one you don't need? :)

I discovered Diethelm-Antiqua by looking through a great online collection of scans of rare books: [link]

I had to know what the typeface was and that's how it all started. It started as just trying to do something from those scans but, because I wanted to really see the printing, I ended up with copy 1057 of the book (1500 copies), a Linotype specimen sheet shipped to me from France, a decent scanner, and all the useful materials I could find on-line.

The Linotype version isn’t very good IMO, and I suppose that didn't do much good for the typeface's popularity outside of the fine editions trade.
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Euh, sorry, I am afraid my rarer books are originals of the french revue Fiction -that was a great collection of Sci-Fi in the best years - :-) .
I suscribe to the french mailling list where I am more a lurker ; Jacques André is a former colleague of mine, and an authority about digital typography. But he is also interested in general typography, and have a fantastic library of is own on the subject. If you ever come to France I'll make a contact for you, he is retired now and a nice man.
You can suscribe to the list if you want ; discussion is in franch but everyone is able to answer to you in english.

I think it is fantastic that people (re)create fonts, like : [link]
I used this one recently. I really like it, it feel feminime...I am a DAfont addict, but good stuff is rare.

Cheers ! I hope you will overcome the problems caused by the new interface.
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I take it back, I did have Chanor Sans installed. :)
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I seem to have downloaded that one but never installed it for use. The hinting needs work in it, but that's true of most fonts.

I understand French a very little, but even in English I don't spend much time in discussions about typophilia. Discussions about Esperanto typography might interest me a lot. :) Also I'm probably not going to be in France soon, though you never know. :)

My favorite free font site has long been typOasis, although I downloaded everything there that interests me, and more, a long time ago.
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I will see what is in this site. I tend to avoid font site, because I end up downloading to much and spend all night trting stuff.
I have a nice classical usable set that come with CS3 ; and I buyed Appolline for my man's birthday ( 2 licences in the box ;) ). But I always like experiments, I am attracted to what is both readable and clear lined, with personnality. Guess I am fed up with Helvetica : a great font but I see it too much.
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I'm a collector, have spent many $$$$ and spent many hours downloading freebies. :)
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