Abstinence from tea

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Those patrons of my time, they dissipate
Like so much steam from a cup of tea.  Dissolve,
Like sugar in a cup of tea; now that
Is the heart of it, if we dare to delve.

A perfect cup of tea is diamond clear;
So were they, but then the world became complex,
Or maybe this youth became less cavalier—
Thought more about, say, diamonds, less of, say, sex;

He took to abstinence.  Already he took
His tea without sugar.  He liked it hot
And red and cloudless:  five minutes on the clock.
Now tea would be a concept—unlike the pot,

Of plain white porcelain you can see through, set
Upon a shelf, kept dry, but seeming wet.
A sonnet, with an irregular final couple, written about 20 years ago. That irregularity chomps away at my nerves now, I want to hide it away. But I'm an obsessive-compulsive, what do I expect? Writing and reading are too hard for me this way.
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