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It's about time I finished something. I'll probably clean up some stuff later, but I'm okay with it being a little messy.
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In my opinion, the Striders have always been some of the most cinematic things in the entire Half-Life franchise, and this piece of art is just as cinematic! Beautiful job on this! You make some of the most beautiful Half-Life 2 fan art, I've ever seen!
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now we need the 7 hours war. WWT: Pershing Tank (Moving) 
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CHICA INTENSIFIES chat icon too awesome ! Chica 'Wasted' Chat Icon 
LionKaiser's avatar
Yet again, another good picture
ChosenOne54's avatar
This is amazing. Wallpaper'd.
2CYN's avatar
The striders! Now those were scary monsters. Arguably the scariest creatures in all of Half-Life, in my opinion. I sometimes even have nightmares about them. Good work!
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I like the bold paint strokes alot!,i could never accomplish this kinda painting style :c
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*Plays LG Orbifold*
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why not Penaltimatum from Ep 1?
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Penultimatum's good too, but that's just for one Strider in a boss fight. LG Orbifold is for when you're taking cover in collapsed parking garages and blown-out storefronts between sprints across open ground, trying to minimize the amount of time you're exposed to their fire, because you just don't have enough ammo to take them directly. I like that feel a bit better, especially since it's comparatively easier to make the player feel like a badass going one-on-one against a big baddie.
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VUB VUB VUB VUB VUB VUB! Has to be one of the better enemies I've fought in a game
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The striders were always the biggest visual thrill of HL2 for me. This is beautiful.
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Oh wow. Gorgeous colors and composition.
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Holy shit, STRIDERSSS! What I will do...I dont have rockets, explosives...Just, some bullets...

I hate striders...

Great picture, my congratulations.
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Fantastic pic! 8D At first I thought that this is a screenshot from game :noes:
Drydell-da-Vinci's avatar
I frikkin hate those things! But I love them! Has your mind exploded yet?!
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oh gawd, this brings back memories! i hated this part, my guys kept dying off and being all HERP DERP
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Treasures-Of-Wisdom's avatar
The source material wasn't really my cup of tea, but I am a huge fan of this work. God bless!
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Damn, this is impressive - the composition, the colors, the lighting effects - everything works. Great job.
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SWEEEET! Fisheye perspective! I like the lighting. I remember this battle... I died like fifty bajillion times.
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So. Much. Win.
You should work at VALVe.
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