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John Freeman Saver of Humens

By ChemicalAlia
He fought for freedome.


On youtube:

Edit: Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, but plus points if you know what painting it's based off. And I went with the frame version, lol.

Edit of the edit: A lot of people were asking for a higher resolution version without the frame for printing and stuff, so here's that file:
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I have this as my profile picture.
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Joan Frempt, Flavor of Hummus.
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John run out of here as fast as you CAN!

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The high-rez version link is gone and dead. Any chance for a new one?
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Let's all bow down to worship our lord and saver who gave us hop though those dark times.
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Reminds me of Colin Wyckoff...
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Years later, I still cry a little at the end of the story.

RIP John Freeman
One of the most awesomely, stupidly badass characters of ever.
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 Is the painting based off Mona Lisa?
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Keeper of the wepon!
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"I need to kill fast and bullets too slow" best videos ever.
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John Freeman
Saver of Humens
...And one of the most hilariously badass literary characters ever.
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Died for our freedome. Very nice :D
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I have never wanted to frame something and hang it on my living room wall so badly.
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I can't let you post this...
Because you're a HEADCRAB ZOMMBIE!!!
I literally burst out laughing upon seeing the thumbnail and title, you are awesome
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John Freeman fired his bullets from THE GUN real fast, and the bullets went, and shot the Final Boss in the eyes, and the Final boss couldnt see.
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"I will kill the boss and Gordon Freeman will be happy soul!"
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Then he turned on off the computer and went on the platform again down to his other more faster motorcycle that had gas in it this time.
John Freeman put the laser gun on his motorcycle and his machine gun and his rocket gun that he found on the side of the motorcycle.
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"...and the sun was shining and the PANTS WERE DEAD"
God, that series cracked me up. Thanks for this masterpiece
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That still makes me laugh no matter how many times I try not to...
S-i-r-e-n-S's avatar
"DARK MAN YOU SUFFAR!" - Henry Freeman ponted and yelled.
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