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Headcrab zombie portrait

Let me assure you that the accompanying fanfic will be posted here on the day that we have mastered ourselves... the day we can prove we deserve to read it. And that day of publishing, I have it on good authority, is close at hand.

I'll put it in my journal when my friend's done writing it. It's gonna be awesome.
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I love how the hand looks like it's also going into the opening in its chest
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I need to have one of these on my wall!
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Albert Headcrabstein :D
Sacred-Siege's avatar
actually it's George Washington.
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Is so funny and beautiful ;) (Wink) 

Regards ^_^
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Oh wait it is hair never mind
LionKaiser's avatar
Is this a headcrab...taking over another headcrab? 
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You know what? This is the most epic headcrab deviation _ever_ made. Not only the painting itself is amazing, but also the attention to detail. Good job on that one.
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Hey looks like he took a swig from "Dr>Breen`s Private Reserve" looks like this proves that they did infact put something in the water.
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Tip: Your sanity is low. Solve a puzzle to regain sanity.
c0ver-ur-eyes's avatar
I would like to thank you in advance for the nightmares tonight. No, really, thanks -_-
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I pledge alleigiance to the brains, of the rebel resistance leaders...
Bald-and-Curly's avatar
Oh god this is gross. I laughed so much.
Cherry-Revolver's avatar
this is versalles (Y)
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Just a question, Would you be able to make this into a complete outfit for Team Fortress 2? Because for almost ever class this would work nice.
Gunslinger-of-Hearts's avatar
Now THIS is stunning! :)
BTW, is that a can of BONK?
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Sir, Headcrab your Carriage is here.
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disregard women

acquire headcrabs
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