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Gordon sketch

I finished some work earlier than expected, and I've been wanting to draw him for ages now. :)
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Vincent Van Freeman
:D Great job
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Lol, what's with my face?
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One of the (many) things I love about mute characters is that you see so many different interpretations of them. I've seen smug Gordon, manly Gordon, lovestruck Gordon, drunk Gordon, humorous Gordon, gore-spattered Gordon... I am more than happy to add this to my repertoire.
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Beautiful - but he seems so weary somehow, as if the fate of the world were resting on his shoulders...oh wait, it is...
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The brushstrokes here are lovely :)
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He looks great!
Got that human (?) look, almost tender...
..and beautiful..oh man you people... wordless...
Nice, I love it!
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Sketch? This is a masterpiece. :] lol
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He looks so tired. ):
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"You look like shit Freeman..." somehow i always thought he was like that... XD good to know i'm not the only one there are at least three or five people who think about that... Xb good to know he has Alyx to bring some balance in his thoughts XD

Sorry about the freaky paragraph above, i just had to write it (fights to regain control over his fingers XD) its an awesome paint of my second favourite fps protagonist XD and sorry about my bad english, im not from an english-speaking country XL
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You see all these images of him with his face full of rage as he acts like the manly badaxx that he is, then you see one of the rare gems like this one. Then you remember that despite all epic that he accomplishes, he's fighting to survive in this hellish alternate Earth where has seen so many people die, some of those people close to him, and every day is another struggle for survival. Then you realize that in the moments where he has any degree of peace, he likely thinks about everything he and the world have gone through, and just can't help but look sad and tired. This, in my opinion, is the true face of Gordon Freeman. The true face of the One Free Man.
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Poor Gordon. He looks about as tired, upset, disheartened, and bone-weary as one would think after fighting his way through one hellhole after another with seemingly no end to the struggle. That is a man who deserves a rest. It would be well-earned.

Beautiful job.
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He kinda looks like brad pitt.
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Awesome <3 Gordon Freeman is my hero.
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Great work here.:)
I really like this picture.

It looks like he's just tired and sad to be killing zombies and the combine all day and would rather just go back to researching, but he's such an iconic image for the resistance, and has so much to worry about including the G-man and trying to save humanity that he knows he'll never have the freedom he once had back.

Or something like that, awesome picture!
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He looks tired.
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Yeah, I imagine he doesn't get much rest.
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Quite amazing the various lines and how they decipher all the detail and flow of the skin, this is awesome!

Well you definitely got some Half Life fans here and for good reasons with wicked skilled artwork like this, bravo!

Kudos on the very impressive realistic overall shot of Gordon though, even to his famous suit and the look on his face, all rich in quality. *applauses*

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aaaaaaa <3

Looks kind of like Jeff Goldblum from a distance. ... <3 XD
ChemicalAlia's avatar
If only everything in life looked like Jeff Goldblum from a distance...
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I totally just played through HL again on my PS2 ($5 copy yay!)! Oh, Gordon, how one must love him <3

Glorious drawing, as usual ;}
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