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March 8, 2011
I've been watching *ChemicalAlia work on this project for a while now, and not only is the final product fantastic in every way, but watching the whole development process was fascinating too! Female Spy - Final by *ChemicalAlia
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Female Spy - Final

I updated this with new screenshots (max settings, finally), I'm just about to release an update with some graphical improvements and bug fixes.

GameBanana: [link] [link]
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Daskro's avatar
Scout's mom XD
Rickomarr123's avatar
Are you going to update this mod, because im trying to use the lipsink from DustyOldDoses, but its not working for me
95wave's avatar
man, valve needs to hook you up
Joshdexter45's avatar
pwn they should put this in the game

can u make a fem scout that's cute and smexy
ChemicalAlia's avatar
I don't really do "smexy" D:
Joshdexter45's avatar
can u make a cute fem scout at least
Guigonsan's avatar
Now we only need a way to change if a class will be female or male without messing with the folders
You female model seems really popular. I've seen her in a few fan comics now. This one's with sniper: [link]
Rod-Wolf's avatar
I've seen one of them in a TF2 server, this is a realy good job!
Arte-the-CatBoy's avatar
So much, so much win.
General-Cornwaffle's avatar
I believe a female Sniper is in order.
kvweber's avatar
Somehow I missed this when downloading the Femme Medic last night! Jeez, stupid me. I obviously need all my spies to be female too! :D
Mecha-V's avatar
I'm still getting the normal male spy lines when I install the model, any way to fix that?
ChemicalAlia's avatar
Either the sounds aren't in the right folder, or you're playing it on servers that don't allow custom sounds. Try restarting the game and testing it out in the developer commentary.
Myles5592's avatar
Can she spycrab?
Haha, just kidding. This is amazing as hell.
b1nary-mast0r's avatar
I want to see you try your hand at the Sniper.
latchet's avatar
This is fantastic. <3 I'm such a fan. I hope one day you'll be able to expand on all the characters. So exciting! I have the Heavy and Medic as well. :D
ChemicalAlia's avatar
Thank you, I'm glad you enjoy them!

I'm working on redoing the Medic with improvements right now, hope to have it done soon so I can start a new class.
latchet's avatar
AH, AMAZING. I'm so excited! Good luck and have fun~ No pressure! <3 ... Even though there are like 8 million of us drooling greedily for more. :XD:
queen-diamond's avatar
HEEY! im playing tf2 right now and i was moping the lack of female versions with a friend...then i remembered ONE rendition of the heavy that was really cool. by cool i mean something that wasnt an over sexualized bimbo. Now i searched for a while and i was almost getting sick with all the other crap female versions and now i found your spy and im IN LOVE.
Im not on steam foruns much and I dont know shit about using mods. Since I never saw any funny stuff in the servers I play i wonder if its possible using it somewhere. Is it? I'm not a very good spy, but for that, oh I would train my ass playing the spy until I backstabiddy-stabstab the wholewideworld.
2Foxxie4U's avatar
So well thought out and lovingly rendered! I'm in love with your femmy spy!
Quanyails's avatar
Well, congratulations on making it to the Valve blog with your work.
TheIronWillAlchemist's avatar
Madam, you are brilliant.
polkat's avatar
holy damn this is incredible, best tf2 girl i've ever seen, congrats on the very well deserved DD.
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