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Female Medic re-release

Download it here:


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Okay, this is a weird question, but could you please make this as a ragdoll for Garry's Mod?
YEAHHH perhaps the only mod i will downloading/instal :D
JonC83's avatar
pure genius! I can't wait to try these modells :)
whaleyousea's avatar
What type of bun is in her hair?
SuperNormalMan's avatar
At least this way, Medic won't look so silly with the Geisha hair.
Chiyokoreito's avatar
Wait , so this model can be used in the game itself? I'm a bit of a noob with these kind of things~
jesternario's avatar
you may have updated the model, but the face mask hat that people tend to wear still looks like it covers her eyes.

Se La Vi (or however you spell it)
ChemicalAlia's avatar
What face mask are you talking about? The one that covers his mouth? Because that should be replaced with a different hat.
jesternario's avatar
replaced how? I've yet to figure out how to change the graphics for anything except the player models, so if that's what you mean, I'm not sure I can do that.

If you mean simply wearing another hat, I mainly see the facemask (yeah, the one that covers the mouth) on others.
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This is such gorgeous work. I LOVE her cat's eye glasses! :love:
Crimson-Fire009's avatar
This is an awesome mod!
Though i'm having trouble getting it to work. I've placed the extracted file in 'tf'. Any suggestions as to whats wrong?
DeAnimeJ's avatar
OMG, I love her :ohnoes:
Kastorr's avatar
You are really just fantastic at this.
ILoveGarlic's avatar
Now She Looks Like A Real German Lady That Will Cut Your Penis Off... lol
Anyways Nice Job Dude I Use Her In My TF2.
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inestical's avatar
Female Medic forever.

Now we need Female Heavy. Damn that would be awesome. :icondatassplz:

(and of course, female sniper)
my-twisted-logic's avatar
she already made a female heavy, check her gallery.
BigNutter's avatar
Now all we need is her wearing a Lo-fi Longwave!
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Excellent, I am so sick of seeing fem!Medics that are like 15 years old....
kvweber's avatar
I am forever a lady medic now. Thank you. I love you. :love:
cluis's avatar
For some reason I totally expect her to be wearing a hair net. Gorgeous lighting work btw, I can't wait to see the next one (fingers crossed for pyro) I also like how you are avoiding making them stereotypical female characters, we have enough of that crap already out there. I know these ladies, I think everyone does.
Mecha-V's avatar
The model and sounds work perfectly as does the one, but one issue I'm having is that the Medic icon doesn't change to the female version on either the loadout screen or the class selection screen.

Minor issue, any way to fix it?
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