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Female Heavy and Hats

Here's the finalized Heavy showing a few of the hats and in in-game shot. After I receive a few more audio clips for her, I'll be releasing both of the character mods. So like, really soon!
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I'm not saying your work is bad but I just can't really see heavy being a girl. I love the fem skins as I have the pyro one and trying to get scout but really the only class I can see being girls are, Scout, Pyro, Medic, Spy, Engy, and Sniper
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I don't know why, but on a basis of appearances, Femvy reminds me of Pam from the television show Archer.
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Amazing work!
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She reminds me of that lady from Goldfinger. The russian one that starts shooting at the Aston Martin.
Glide08's avatar
Oh my god who touched eugene? WHO TOUCHED MY GUN?
LuminaBalderson's avatar
I think it would still be Sasha, since "Sasha" is a Gender-Neutral Name and all...
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i can see valve allowing this :3
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Nice! I'd hate to piss her off
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ohgod, she's actually really cute *blush*
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I like Fem Heavy's and Fem Spy's voices because they are more like the characters in game. Fem Medic doesn't have the same feel and Fem Scout needs to be more enthusiastic. But I still enjoy your work.
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Thanks! Though I didn't make the Scout one.
Blaziken-Pokemorph's avatar
Oh. But still, I enjoy your Fem Fortress 2 characters.
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Remmbure a Seeing the Female Spy Model, Once Before did you make that?
ChemicalAlia's avatar
Yep, that's my latest finished one.
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Nice, makes me wish they had gender as an option for the characters. XD
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OMG, LOVE the sunglasses!
Seatr0ll's avatar
Hahaha! Awesome!
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her makeup is SO CUTE. I love imagining her dotting her blush on very carefully in the mirror ^^

I absolutely love everything about your fem characters though, you have put so much love and careful consideration into making them, and you should be given one million internet cookies for it. Perhaps even 2 million...
This is a weird quibble, but the flak vest seems really... form fitting? They tend to be really bulky and boxy looking, while hers looks more like a sweater vest.

Still, you've made an endearing face that's not cheesecake-y, which is a breath of fresh air; you've also kept the Heavy's body type, which is also commendable!
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Appropriately badass, and...disconcertingly feminine.
The chivalrous part of me would have difficulty shooting her.

Anyway, I like the model.
It's functional, conservative, and above all, not flashy. Appropriate for the job in-game and in-character.
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That ... is the most epic thing I have ever seen. O_o I would -totally- use her. I love playing heavy and in my gender? Double Rainbow!
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Where do i put them?
On Winrar, when you download them..
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