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Female Engineer - Final

She's finally finished!

Download links:

Huge thanks to ~DustyOldRoses for her amazing voice acting work, and to MrDude for doing the lip sync!
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compantioncube's avatar
Her design looks like my mother. I love it! This is my favorite Female Engineer design.
Lazy--kurt's avatar
This is perfect, she's so gorgeous. awesome job <<:
Sarasalandkittens's avatar
Love her smile ^^ soo amazing
by-golly's avatar
Anyone know if I'm able to get her on a mac?
BronyHeresy's avatar
Nice work Alia! Faved. How do you switch between kerchief, no kerchief, helmet, goggles etc!
CornelioDragon's avatar
Oh my!
This is sooo well done! *_*
TobuIshi's avatar
Sweet design. She's got a kind of Rosie the Riveter vibe going on, perfectly period. Very well done.

(Also, the hell was up with the developers claiming the silhouettes couldn't possibly match well enough? My mom is six foot one. Reminds me of the otherwise excellent Team ICO saying they couldn't do a female lead for Trico because a little girl would have to wear a skirt and wouldn't have the stamina of a little boy - have they spent any time around little girls?)
ChemicalAlia's avatar
Thanks, glad you like it!

And yeah, you can vary female silhouettes just as easily, if not more easily, than male ones. That argument seems to imply that only a skinny hourglass shape is suitable for making a cool game character, which is kinda sad.

I heard about the Ico thing, never played the game but I saw a bit of it so I know the characters they were talking about. That shit was cray, people are freaking retarded.
ProbiscisFace's avatar
add phong map/mask/thing for glossiness on the lips etc? :D
ChemicalAlia's avatar
There's some spec on the lips, but the glossiness setting is applied over the whole texture in the material, so it's at a setting that works alright for everything.
ProbiscisFace's avatar
I can't describe anything well, so I went and made examples. Like this.


BB-K's avatar
Oh wow, she's looking pretty vintage. :) Didn't see this one coming.

I wonder who's next? Hopefully there's a concept for Sniper & Demoman since we do have a Soldier one available already, Pyro is still questionable on the gender though (Personally I pick as a him and also from Mexico).
ChemicalAlia's avatar
I haven't done any further concepts, but I was leaning towards Demoman or Sniper since they're the most different from the one I just finished.
BB-K's avatar
If I would to think of it, it's going to be hard. Sniper at least wasn't that bad, all in all, we'll see what happens. You take care out there. ;) I also wonder will I-French-Fry will help you out on the concept arts while you go for the modeling.
ChemicalAlia's avatar
I think I'll stick to my own concepts 0:
BB-K's avatar
Alrighty then, your choice. I know it will take time, but of course, you're no machine & CS GO is starting to get the attention as well.
MegamanBlue1's avatar
Make a female soldier next.
ChemicalAlia's avatar
If and when I do another one, it's probably going to be either the sniper or the demoman.
wise-irbis's avatar
A fine character indeed.
How does one import it to the game? So far i managed to put on a hat through the itemtest tool from SDK. Took me two days to find necessary info.
IttyBitt's avatar
I remember the old femengi model that was made a few years back. This one looks really good, even better than the last one! :)
Black-Dragon167's avatar
I've been using this for a few days now I sgfjskgffgh I love it so much~ :iconshaplz:
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