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A little drawing of Dom Santiago for :iconpsycoticneko:'s birthday. She always uses him when we play multiplayer GoW.

It's inked on paper and colored in Photoshop.
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When Dom died I was like "Why couldn't it have been Jace?" Then again we still have Augustus and Clayton.
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:( it hit me hard when he died. rip brother
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It hit me hard too when someone spoiled that on Deviantart a few months ago, and I haven't bothered to finish the game since then. Fucking spoilers.
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check it out man, totally worth playing. Don't let those assholes ruin it for you
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Wow, thanks for the massive spoiler, there.
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im sorry you cant afford a game after like 3 months since the release date
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I have the game, but have little time to play it with recent work deadlines. The game is still new, so I was hoping people might show common courtesy and be careful about spoilers.
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gears of war 3 was the franchise killer anyway
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I wish I could draw as good as you :)
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:heart: It's Dom!!! :D Brilliant work.
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Im very dom curious
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haha to prevent myself from sounding insane its the achievment you get for playing dom.
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Don't worry, I remember it well.
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yey im not insane! XD
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YAY!!!!!!!! great job this is the perfect pic of Dom :)
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Is that blush and lip gloss that I see on Dominic Santiago?! GOOD JOB SOLDIER!!! XDDD Love it. I play as Baird the asshole. :) ultimate :+fav:
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this is a nice picture of dom as he is my favourte charecter you have drawn him well
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Wow! extraordinay job, :heart:d it! + FAV
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Kool, wich photoshop? [type]
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