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Hey guys! 

I've been super busy with work and other stuff in my life and haven't done much personal art. I am feeling that things are slowing down a bit though and I might have some more time to do more art!

I was thinking about streaming to kinda motivate me a bit on working on personal stuff, would any of you be interested in watching me stream? 

(I don't even know if a lot of people read journals, for some reason I kinda feel like I'm screaming into the void when I write one haha ) 
The winner is Frappe7! Congratulations :D

Winner by Chemi-ckalWinner Copy by Chemi-ckal

Thanks everyone for participating! I'll definitely do more raffles in the future as a way to celebrate milestones ^-^
I was gonna make an art raffle when I reached 666 watchers (hehe) but I didn't have the time then, so I'm doing it now! ^-^


Arrow leftBe a watcher (new watchers are welcome)
Arrow left Favorite this journal
Arrow leftComment that you want to enter and I'll answer with your entry number


Arrow leftTag 3 friends ( +1 entry)
Arrow leftMake a new journal advertising this raffle (add link to it in the comment)( +1 entry)


Arrow left1 full shade portrait 
Morgana by Chemi-ckalD.Va (nsfw optional) by Chemi-ckal

If this gets more than 200 comments I'll add a second winner

The Raffle will end on November 20th

GOOD LUCK !!! :heart:

Hey everyone!

I haven't opened my commissions yet but if you are interested in getting one please consider this artist ^-^
It's super cheap and his art is amazing, so if you are looking for some quality art but are on a budget I really highly recommend commissioning him :D

I just started my last year in college so I will have less time to draw unfortunately, and since I was getting quite a few commission requests I will have to close them for a while. I will however finish the commissions on my wait list of course :P 
Also, with the free time I have I want to work more on personal art and try new things, I feel like I haven't been very creative lately... Maybe I'll try more illustrative pieces and try to learn how to paint environments or just do more creative character designs ^-^
OtakuJesd is in a tight spot with money, so if you want to commission someone please consider him, he has a really unique style and is very flexible with nsfw ^-^

Experimental Pixel Icons Requests! [CLOSED]

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 12, 2016, 2:40 PM

Pixel by Chemi-ckal

So I've been interested on trying out diferent styles and new things so I've decided I wan't to do some pixels incon thingies because I think those are really cute ^-^

Leave your oc's on the comments and I'll pick the ones I like the most to make a pixel icon 

You must be a watcher, new watchers are welcome though :happybounce: 

I'll be doing 3 requests cause I have been out of ideas lately and have some time on my hands ^^ 
Will draw humans/humanoids only and no nsfw