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Zbrush Project - Blitz

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Well, here it is. My first full zbrush model. =]

I took the lineart of my character 'Blitz" and used it as reference to sculpt the him in Zbrush. I used the project to learn the software and its production pipeline.

The whole thing took about two weeks to do. During this time, I learned how to form and manipulate base meshes, tesselate and re-topologize geometry, create sub-geometry, rig and pose figures, uv map, matrial map, and of course, do what Zbrush is known for; sculpt with displacement, normal and bump maps.

Overall the experience was both challenging and enjoyably easy at the same time. I initially thought that sculpting was going to be the hardest part but surprisingly, it turned out to be the easiest. I definitely understand now why it's called 'zBRUSH' now, because the process of sculpting is indeed very much like painting. =D

With it's numerous 'brush' options and the ability to mirror or sculpt in symmetry, I found that I was making a lot of progress in an alarmingly short amount if time. In fact, I would say that for some parts, I could sculpt faster than I could currently draw or sketch! (which really isn't saying much. I'm a pretty slow drawer to begin with, but it's still interesting to note. =P)

The interface of the program itself is beautifully designed and completely customizable. It seems to have been designed for graphics tablets. If you have an Intuos, you'll find that the windows fit its color scheme perfectly.

Anyway, this model is still a work in progress. I have plans to give it more fine tuning and then color it. I might consider trying to animate as well but we'll see what happens.

I'll go into more detail on the process in the WIP shots I've uploaded to the scraps.

Turntable Video

I hope you guys enjoy!

Oh and, For closer detail, PLEASE DOWNLOAD
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ShotgunkiteHobbyist General Artist
Overall not bad stuff for your first truth be told.
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mayshingProfessional Filmographer
Great stuff. :D I like how you provided layer to layer approach too.
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butt-sahib911Hobbyist General Artist
Looks awesome!

looking forward to an ingame version of him running around in Unreal ;)
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That is freakin' awesome.^^ Wow... it looks just about ready for color and it's off to Pixar!... or... Gears of War... or whatever. It's just gorgeous no matter what the setting.XP
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Very nice work !
Look at that detail...
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transparentAFTERglow Digital Artist
I'm speechless =]
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I think you've done quite a good job there to make him look big and intimidating, but I just have one question:
Is Zbrush easy to use or does it require some skills with 3D modelling?
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chemb0tProfessional General Artist
hmm, I'm sure that it's useful to have, especially for when you want to export to other programs and do more advanced techniques, but I would say that you could easily jump into Zbrush without any prior 3d knowledge.

Thee learning curve is a lot less steep compared to traditional 3d programs like Maya or 3ds Max but it does have its share of confusing details. Fortunately the documentation and short video tutorials clarify that for you really quick, I found. =]
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Since when did Blitz grow a beard?

Shave it!
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chemb0tProfessional General Artist
He's always had that 'beard' detail to give him an older/scruffy look. It's not really meant to stand out so much; it's just extended tufts of fur, no change in color like a beard or mane would have. XD

I just thought it would be fitting to give it more texture. Ideally, his whole body should have that sort of thing since he's covered in fur and all, but that would sortof be a tedious process to sculpt. XD

I'll just leave it to coloring and texturing instead. =]
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Wow this is amazing. I can see all of the detail put into this.

Quite interesting though. Is there anywhere where you might be able to download this program? I'm thinking of becoming a game designer, and so it would be good experience if I learn some of the ropes of 3D modeling.
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chemb0tProfessional General Artist
Thanks for the feedback, Spyrox. =]

Zbrush is indeed a very valuable tool for those wishing to go into game design. I actually first heard about the program while talking to an EA games graphics artist during one their info sessions here on campus. He said that it was one of the best ways to dive into 3d work because it's so intuitive. You go straight passed the often monotonous/boring way of learning 3d (Aka technical details, primatives, vertecies, translations, etc) and go straight into the exciting stuff like sculpting and detailing.

Pixologic offers a full featured 30 day trial you can download. I would also sign up (free) for the 'ZClassroom' on the site, which provides very quick video tutorials to get you started. =]

Here's the link: [link]
SpyroxCynder's avatar
Thanks for the info. I'll be sure to look into this. And I'm glad that it goes past all of the monotonous ways of learning, I'm getting enough of that in my math class, so that I won't be discouraged from Game Design. I really appreciate your help.
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cool if i had to, id fight with him but i run the hell a away if he was coming at me he'd be one relly scery mofo if you fighting agents hem

(agine srooy about the spelling)
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MysteryEzekudeHobbyist General Artist
I'm having a bit of trouble making the BF3 art for Blitz, but this could help me! Thank you!
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Wow, this is absolutely incredible. O3O You definetly made progress alot faster than I imagined, not to mention there's quite a degree of detail on him considering it's your first time doing a full model in this program, and you're a newbie!

If we could see him in action, that would be way too cool! He definetly looks like a bear here. Intimidating and all. XD

The gloves and boots seem to have turned out pretty nice! though the boots are a little funky at the toes.
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