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Study notes 2

Here's another 'exerpt' from my notebook this semester.

It's a strange phenomenon this 'inspiration' thing; it seems to flood in when you least want it. There I was, working out signal processing and time delay equations when bam! Character designs come out of nowhere. 0_o;

If only I could harness that for times I actually want it to happen. Perhaps I should just start working on engineering material for fun, eh? XD

The best inspiration seems to come when you least want it. Does this kind of thing happen to you guys too or is it just me?
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i'll say! inspiration when you least expect it
Trust me, you're not the only one with this problem. My inspiration hits hardest when I'm in my LPN classes. It makes it very hard to pay attention to what the teachers are saying.
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Heh heh!=)
I see ya were studying very hard...
Very good concept sketches!
Ya should study more like this...
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Happens to me too. I started doodling all over my Maths exam on Tuesday...
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It's not just you. X3
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it happens to me all the time. I use more paper doodling in classes then for the actual notes. XD In fact, it's how I came up with my OC, Lee.
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Yeah, I get that when I least want it.

It's pretty funny just how randomly these things happen, but I suppose its being random is what makes it more interesting too.

That reminds me, I gotta stop doodling while there's a class lecture going on XD;
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I think I know why that happens, but chances are you do too.

Those are some nice designs btw =B the one in the bottom left looks like he could be a relative to Blitz.. (which reminds me, you need to draw the polar bear character too) though with that hair he looks like he might be a lion, not a bear.
If that's the case, perhaps they're just friends?
we need more bulky huge sonic chars XD

the birds up top aren't too shabby either. the one in the top right looks like he'd make a good alternate-world arbiter/oracle. XDD
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Hmmmmmm looks alot like my old goverment/economics notes XD
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