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Poly Modeling - Glow and shine

Here's another experiment to learn 3d.

This time I focused on the traditional modeling techniques. I started with a simple sphere shape and extruded, beveled, stretched, chamfered, and etc to come up with this object. It's all a single mesh. =D I find that it sort of resembles my Skybase concept art. =]

The model was made in 3dsMax 9 and rendered using Mental Ray's final gather and caustics features. Not much modification was done there.
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lol you did the same thing to make this as i did to make your sphere waaaaaay back ago. :3

nice ta see yer in the 3D fray, cap'n. owo
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Yay Avalon-like structure!

This has a sort of "temple" feel to it. A futuristic temple... Awesome concept...

You keep getting better at modelling. I will try 3D, I must!
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I can't believe that's all one single mesh *3*
I love it. can't wait to see you try out modelling Sky Lab.. that'll be amazing.
I'm so glad you're getting into 3D art, because alot of yoru designs deserve to be modelled XD