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Hologram projector SL

By chemb0t
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Here's a better look at one of the 'machines' I've made in SL. The upper holograms are scripted to rotate in a gyroscope like fashion as the Technoguild Logo rotates above the base. The machinery below also rotates slightly. Overall a very fun object to script. It's funny to see things go out of control when you add too much power to them. XDD

You can read my small review on SL here: [link]
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nice gyro... thing. lol
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freakin' sweet! I've never been that great with 3D software sadly.^^; Blender was the best I've tried, and even that was pretty tough. Anyways, good work. It looks like a real game screen.=)
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Very nice machine you have there. You made a TG base inside SL, which is awesomely awesome.

Looks like that idea I had for a comic, the one about a virtual world inside the internet, with the sites as 3D virtual places, already exists as Second Life. Now it only needs to be VR and it'll be exatly like that comic inside my head.
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man i wish i had the slightest clue about doing 3d stuff, all these 3d's are awsome
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heheh, if you're interested in getting into 3d stuff but not too keen on picking up a book/watching classes yet, I would recommend that you give Second Life a try.

It's a good primer. You could learn all the basic stuff about 3d modeling and texturing without having to care about all the unnecessary technical detail that comes with learning it the traditional way. =]

Thanks for the comment! *bows*
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i'll have to keep that in mind when i get my PC connected to the internet, because im sure if i put HL2 on this one, it would explode XD
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well, I'm pretty certain that the graphics for SL are a lot less demanding compared to HL2. The software can run on pretty much any machine with a decent card, I think.

I know for sure that it can run on a linux system, and that's saying a lot as far as compatibility goes. =o But yeah, SL does need a pretty fast connection on the other hand. Can you imagine loading a webpage using 56k speeds... but in 3d?! It's a pretty weird experience XDD
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