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Character Design - Sirrus

Eheh, I'm more than overdue to show more of my character designs huh?

This is Sirrus, a character from my "Technoguild" storyline in progress. He acts as one of the main antagonists in the storyline and sort of as a nemesis for my character Dack and the organization he is under.

Believe it or not, this guy has been a work in progress since 2003! All that I've done of him are sketches and a few quick colors so far. I believe I posted a few of them in my scraps but I never actually mentioned any other details. XDD; I'll be sure to fill you in on his interesting background soon. Enjoy!
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Love the sketches,he looks like a badass!
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Lol this character closely resembles Silas Morth from Exterminatus Now. I might put him in Burning Fur III. Either Sirrus himself will be a boss character, or a genetic clone with indentical attacks will appear. If it was a clone, what would you call it?
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Really? I don't quite see the resemblance =P

What exactly do you mean by genetic clone?
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Well, in the story of Burning Fur III, it continues from the epilogue of Burning Fur II. :icondarkspeeds:'s main antagonists, the "No-Origin Faction" have launched a new project called "Project Soldier Regeneration" which can generate genetic clone by using a single trace from the original body (e.g. sample of hair, sample of blood). Unfortunately, as soon as the Mobius Inquisition discovered their secret underground base, the project had already begun. Genetic clones of previous N.O.F. members (e.g. Stream and Feng) have already been created. A genetic clone of Sirrus could make a good boss. However, he needs a different codename. Got any ideas?
He seems to have changed a lot over the years. Excellent job!
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Sirrus definatly looks the awsomeness. I always found the antagonists to be more interesting than the protagonist. They always seem to have a much deeper backstory and reasons for acting the way they do than being evil naturally. As was explained to an extent already.
The upper right i like the hairstyle the most, is it anime-esqe? His grin in the bottom is super, almost an "ive got you right where i want you" expression.
Can't wait to see more on this character.
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Hehe. We can see the improvement here. It keeps getting better and better! And it shall continue to rise in quality~

He shares that look every merciless and evil characters have. Quite a menacing canine (fox?) we have here. If your goal was to create a very notable threat against Dack, you've achieved it!

Well, I guess we'll he able to see that for ourselves at the given time. We never know what the creators do with their characters. XP In the meantime, he has the look that fits perfectly that role. *nods*
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Wow... What an amazing character Chemb0t! :) And I didn't even know that you had other characters up your sleeve! XXD

I really like you presented Sirrus here with the sketch panel style I also like how you exhibit the timeline from old to new of Sirrus. = )

He's looking great for an antagonist, his expressions and poses certainly show. He's a really cool character buddy and I encourage you to further develop him into one outstanding villian. ^^

The drawings continue to improve as we decend into the character design panel and the last shot with various contrasts of Sirrus is looking sweet as. Keep it up bro and don't overkill yourself with those studies!! XXD *thumbs up* :+fav:
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:XD: Awesome!!! Sirrus is cool! :D :nod:
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Black with green shinies. I like. ^.^ And he's dressed as an evil dictator-general-type, but looks quite young and active, with the way that he poses.
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Heheh yeah, it's actually supposed to be an old style autopsy lab coat but was modified with shoulder pads, medallions, tassels and cords to look like a suit for nobility/royalty. As for age, I'm not quite sure yet but I want to add some sort of quirk there. His first name is Aubrey in reference to the scientist Aubrey de Gray who claims to have developed a method for extending the human lifespan. As such I want Sirrus to escape death in a similar manner. ^^

Thanks for the feedback Murrquan! =]
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sweet character, I am loving his design :D
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Oh wow.. he ended up looking fantastic! =O

Great work man. ^^
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Over the year process, I love it. Wonderful buddy.
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He looks very sexy and badass :heart: I like. It's neat to see how he's kind of evolved into kind of a Sonicish style into more of your own style.
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Heheh thanks Ladylaguna.

My drawing style seems to change slightly as the years progress. The last two years I seem to have grown accustom to drawing them in 5 head proportions as opposed to the usual 3-4 that Sonic is drawn in. I think I am able to go back to that style if needed though. ^^
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Did I mention I really, really like green and black? (Is he missing a hand or am I just not seeing things?)
chemb0t's avatar
Ah for the bottom sketches? It's there. His left hand is sort of curled inward toward his shoulder. It was a quick sketch so I didn't manage to put in much of the detail there.
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Aww... he could have been like that guy from The Fugitive.
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Wow, his character design is superb! OoO

Well your faster at character full developement than me, it took sense I was 6 to finish Foxy XD LOL
felousefarnayne's avatar
ooooo he looks like a cool looking sinister character indeed and the colouring are certainly well used too nice work and keep it up Dack ^^
chemb0t's avatar
Mhm, yes quite sinister. I spent a while refining his face and expressions to give the right look ^^

Thanks again for the prompt feedback, Felouse. You always manage to comment so quickly on whatever I post. =]
felousefarnayne's avatar
heh didn't think I commented that quick 0_0 heh
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He dose look alot more sisnister in the latest version compaired to the first XD you gotta be carful with bad guys, cant have there coolness overshadowing the heroes XD
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