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Character Design - Aida

Well, according to my little poll, you guys are most interested in my character designs so, here's more for you! =]

Story Description:

Meet Aida Lycandan, a sly and very knowledgeable cat-wolf who has a deep passion for ancient history and "aether manipulation technology", or what is otherwise commonly known as "magic".

She serves as one of the Technoguild's "curators" and spends most of her time researching artifacts and ancient texts which the guild manages to uncover. Have an ancient prophecy coming true? Having trouble defeating a "magic" user? What about appraising some ancient artifacts? Aida would be the one of first people to go to.

As far as personality goes, she tends to be very cheerful and helpful. She is also very efficient due to her minor psychic abilities. She often times has the answer for you before you even open your mouth!

However she does have quite a controlling attitude if things don't go as she expects them to. She is also quite a force to be reckoned with if you stand between her and an artifact she is seeking. She also gets quite defensive if her older brother Sirrus is ever mentioned...

Aida is considered as an extremely vital member of the guild. Not only does she possess knowledge that can lead to the destruction of worlds, but she often times is the key to thwarting Sirrus and his plans. (Sirrus tends to be very skittish around her as he still wishes to protect her from harm like any good older brother would... in spite of the fact that she is with his "enemies" XD)

She also tries to hide the fact that she is his younger sister from the newer guild members. She possesses more cat-like characteristics compared to Sirrus, which tends to help cover her relationship with him.

Image Description:

Just like Sirrus, Aida has been a work in progress since 2003. What you see up there is a culmination of most of my sketches with her. Her physical design is still changing. I have yet to find a solid clothes design or color scheme. XD; I'm leaning toward a Japanese maiden sort of outfit to reflect a bit of prestige and wisdom. I am also leaning toward a green color to match her eyes.

As far as the fur goes, I was thinking of adding black marks to help show that she is related to Sirrus, although I've been told that this scheme can be natural as litters come in many assorted colors and markings. =D

If you guys have any suggestions and critiques, please don't hesitate to mention them! Let me know what you think!
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Wow, excellent character design, Chemb0t-san! :D

I love her outfit! <3
chemb0t's avatar
Ah thanks Miss Foxy! =]

I really haven't decided on a solid outfit yet though. Would you happen to have any ideas on what I've got so far? What looks best?
Foxy-Sierra's avatar
They all look good, but my favorite is the last one on the bottom right^^
Murrquan's avatar
Whoo, magic user! ^.^ Specialist in white or black magic, divine or arcane, or is there a distinction in your world?

Robes are nice ... the design at the top-center looks sort of like the Force (mage) robes from Phantasy Star Online! The green robes you have there look kind of neat, and the teal shade on her glasses seems to go well with her and her outfit. Have you experimented with different color schemes?
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heheh, to be honest, I haven't really thought about yet. It's more of a concept.

Have you ever heard of the phrase "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic"?

I was thinking of expanding on it. What is the "science" behind what is seen as magic? Writing and reading spells can be alluded to something like writing programs, one simply has to induct a set of commands and given arguments to execute a certain action afterall... So perhaps it's like a natural programming code for the reality we see around us! =D That's what I meant by "aether manipulation technology."

But of course I bet it could be pretty complex. White, black, divine and arcane could just be like the different types of programs and programming languages and what they are capable of. ^^

Heheh and of course, you need to be authorized and equipped to write programs and induct commands. That's where magical artifacts and lineage would come in. XD

In any case, I would think Aida would be using arcane or white magic. Her brother on the other hand, got seduced into dabbling into the dark arts, so to speak. XD

Oh and yes, I did experiment with other color schemes in photoshop. I'll post that up for you guys to take a look. Thanks for reminding me. ^^
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She's so cuuuuute...
Hayate21's avatar
Wow you have awsome characters, so original (:
chemb0t's avatar
Ah thank you Hayate21. I'm glad that you find the designs original. I make great effort to keep them that way so your comment means a lot to me. :thanks:
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Boris: Oh jezuz how many enemies i have to put on my list without any reason?
METAL2: Pleanty?
Boris: ¬¬

Really amazing as always hehehe great one :XD:
CobaltWinterborn's avatar
Oh very nice buddy. You're character eyes do have a style to them.
chemb0t's avatar
Thanks bud. The eye style keeps changing though. I think I like the eyes on the top left compared to all the others (and I did that sketch 3 years ago XD;; ).

I'll keep working on it so I can refine the look =]
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ooooo cool and intresting character design of Aida there since he is a cat-wolf I like how you drew him especially with the many poses and the colouring looks well used too nice work and keep it up Dack ^^
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