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Taylor - Woodsgirl reference



I had this lying on my stash for quite some time and I just found it again and thought to myself why not :dummy:

This is the most complicated reference of Taylor that I have atm and I would like to make an official (and less complicated) one for her, but time and stuff, so for now have some basic info (without huge spoilers):

Name: Taylor Celia Corey Beyun
Age: around 85 (in this reference)
Species: Auram (my original species), Angel
Powers: (besides angel stuff) She can speak to animals and plants
Personality: Taylor is a polite woman, but she does definitely not get along with everybody too well. She can be brutaly honest at times, though this actually got a lot better over the years.

Her ability to speak to plants and animals gives her a strong connection to the forest outside the family home. This is the outfit she wears a lot when she goes into the dark magical forest, especially the red hood is very important. The trees enjoy changing their position, which can confuse new visitors, but they let Taylor know when there is a lost wanderer and guide her to them. Her red hood makes it easy to be spotted between the trees and she always manages to guide people back to civilization, be it to her home or Southlake Valley, the closest village. Her protecting the lost has earned her the nickname "the woodsgirl".

She is not able to smile btw.

Better quality version: Taylor - Woodsgirl reference

character and art © Chelserella

Auram > Auram - my comic species - 01 by Chelserella
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