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Okay, last reference for a while, I swear! But I needed an additional more simple and slightly more modern one compared to the others :icondragonshy2plz:

Tay is not just jumping around in magical forests, but she also has a lot to do on earth and for that she needed a slightly different outfit. I still wanted it to look a bit magical, to understand her conncection to the magic world, and her back is free because of her wings, but I am reworking wings right now, and she does not use them too much on her own anyway, so I kept them out of the reference for now.

More info: (spoilerfree)

Personality: Polite, calm and reserved towards strangers, deeply loving and caring towards friends and family
Powers: (besides angel stuff) She can speak to animals and plants. Her connection to plants is slightly stronger,
                so she is not much of a disney princess.

Relationship Status: Taken
Hobbies: Tending the garden and the forest, caring for animals, reading, baking, swimming, flying, drawing (mostly plants)
Likes: All kinds of plants and trees, animals, books (mostly thrillers, but she reads all kinds of novels really), studying magic, cooking, training (as in physical exercise, she and her partner are quite sportsy)
Dislikes: Cut flowers, meat

She is a vegetarian and no, heavenly fruits don't speak, only the trees and plants themselves do, and whilst fruit on earth does have emotions (sort of), she tries to not eat much of it.

Also: She can't smile. She was accidently cursed by a wizard when she was 7 and he died in the progress, so the curse can't be lifted.

More info on her can now be found here:…

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How is she 81 while looking like 26?!

What is her secret? XD